Sitting in my row seeing the sunrise stretch across the cabin thru the windows of the plane as it departs to San Francisco for Monterey’s Car Week. Reclining in my seat with buds in the ears letting myself drift into memories that play. Feeling my hair in the wind and horns honking yelling to scare. Ollie and a slide to park the board against the 7-11 glass window side was no stranger growing up. Getting to the new magazines of cars while eating candy. Parking my butt on the corner of the stand, reading it like the Bible like a religious man. Brain freezers as I flip thru the latest edition of Car & Driver. Dreaming of the day to be sitting behind the wheel of one of these legends. Not much has changed to the present day awaken as the plane lands.


I was greeted with a caravan of friends for the drive down to Monterey. An adventurous crew with much to do. Spirited driving from a handful of Ultimate Driving Machines. From classics like BMW 2002, M2, to modified M3s who left their marks from lane to lane as we drove down. Playing as we once did as kids.

Big thanks to Performance Technic out of Dublin California, who got the crew of Bimmer Boys up close and personal at Laguna Seca for Car Week. The caravan corralled together in the center of the track. Surrounded by a plethora of different BMWs and all types of race cars it was an experience all purists and enthusiasts must come out at least once to enjoy. Crowd pleasers from M1s to Z8s racing on the track. While 2002s told their experiences.


So many interesting builds as well, like the E30/E36 4×4 MadMax. Its one thing to see it online its another to experience in person. It’s no double click for a like, it’s a handshake and an introduction of a new friendship. From every aspect of Car Week at Laguna Seca it was well organized, from food vendors to parking. Even the free handouts from vendors were above the norm. Every booth wanted to pull you in and share some knowledge. Even Magnus Walker was there open arms sharing a hello and taking selfie group shots as he strolled around with Sharkwerks. Seemed like all were having a good time at Laguna Seca.


The group ended the weekend strolling the greens at Pebble Beach. This is where the DuPont Registry came to life. Every direction your eyes looked it was a neck breaker. If you are acceptable to whiplash. Bring your brace. If you’re a shopaholic then don’t forget your American Express.

All in all this is a road trip or a flight that’s a must. Beautiful cars, beautiful people, and beautiful scenery. There’s not much of a better way to end Car Week. This is Trev Nish reporting, motor out.