The new BMW G30 5 Series was unveiled last week and has been received with praises by the car community and journalists from around the world. Visually, the G30 5 Series is an evolution of the last-generation 5 Series while resembling the new 7 Series as well, but this is an all-new car. BMW has taken the tech from the 7 Series and paired it with their newest engines and design language to deliver an all-around premium and sporty sedan.

The Remote Parking function, Surround View, Remote 3D View, latest generation of iDrive and Gesture Control capabilities are just some of the in-cabin features available for the 5 Series. Other features like plug-in hybrids, lightweight construction and safety are just here to reinforce the massive work that has gone into building the next greatest midsize sedan.


There so much technology in the new 5 Series that it’s almost hard to comprehend. BMW has given the new 5 Series enough tech to make the Millennium Falcon seem outdated. Most of its technology development went into its capabilities, its chassis, suspension, comfort and handling. It’s short on gimmicks, big on substance. This new BMW 5 Series could possibly be the best 5 Series yet.

To highlight the best features of the new 5 Series, we teamed up with DriveMag to put together a short video.