Controlling 700 HP with the rear axle is not an easy thing to do and it’s even harder if all that power is packed into a fairly compact car. So what would happen if a BMW M4 had this kind of power to deal with? Could it keep it together? It all depends on the driver in the end but the short answer would be: maybe. As the video below is about to show you, one should take into account a wide variety of factors before answering this question.

This M4 Coupe was tuned by the guys from The Turbo Engineers, a new tuner who aims at taking advantage of all this new forced induction craziness that is taking over the tuning world. They claim that the 3-liter straight six twin-turbo engine of the car was massaged to make close to 700 HP thanks to a host of modifications.


These include genuine BorgWarner housings and components for the turbos, optimized compressor cover machining clearances, CNC port matched hand finished exhaust runners, CNC optimized modified silencer discharge delete, CNC ported hand finished Intake Pipe, BorgWarner turbines with uprated and reinforced actuators and a reinforced bearing system.

All the parts were installed over at TTE in Germany and are claimed to easily withstand the new levels of power.

In the first race, the M4 goes up against a Dodge Challenger and completely botches the launch. The second run is up against a C7 Corvette and marks the car’s first win while the last race is up against an Audi R8 which benefits greatly from all-wheel drive in this standing drag race format.

However, the BMW seems to be making up the ground as it builds up speed, which might mean that given a longer strip of asphalt, the M4 could actually win it. Nevertheless, keeping traction is the one factor that will win or lose any drag race when it comes to this car.