The BMW M2 is probably the most praised car the Germans launched in recent years. It’s so good that most journalists agree it’s the best BMW the brand has put out in quite some time now. Adhering to the old recipe that made the Bavarians famous in the first place, this small, powerful, rear-wheel drive Coupe impressed even the crew over at Jalopnik.

They were so taken aback by what this compact package brought to the table that they set out to do a rather interesting experiment. The guys went around a track using only one hand. That’s right, driving the BMW M2 on the limit is so easy, you can do it with one hand. Now, of course, that’s not recommended, especially if you’re a novice but not only in that situation.


That said, the guy behind the wheel is not just anyone. His name is Parker Kligerman and he’s a professional stick shift instructor as Jalopnik puts it. His claim of driving this thing with only one hand isn’t exactly accurate either but we do understand it. If the BMW M2 in question would’ve been equipped with a DCT gearbox, he probably wouldn’t have needed to use his right hand at all but since this was a manual, he had to change gears, right?

Well, at least he did all the steering with one hand and we do get what he was trying to prove. The balance of the M2, the way the chassis was set up and its intelligent differential on the rear axle make all the difference in the world compared to other rivals out there. In case you needed any more proof that the M2 is worthy of your attention, the video below should shine some more light into the matter.