We all know that, despite how fast modern supercars have become, cars simply cannot be as fast as superbikes. With simply ludicrous power-to-weight ratios and no need for massive traction, superbikes simply fire off the line and can outpace the fastest cars on the road. So it seems a bit silly to have a BMW M2, a simple sports car, take on a proper performance bike. But Carwow decided to do so and then make it interesting.


First, Mat Watson lines up to the starting line in a BMW M2 with a six-speed manual, already not the fastest car around. Next to him is a BMW S1000 RR, a genuinely fast bike. While the S1000 RR isn’t the absolute fastest bike in the world, it’s properly quick and boasts performance metrics that shatter the M2’s. With 199 hp coming from just 1.0 liter and a curb weight of just 204 kg, the BMW S1000 RR boasts a power-to-weight ratio of 990 hp/ tonne. By contrast, the BMW M2 makes 365 hp from its 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine and weighs 1,595 kg. That equates to 229 hp/tonne. That’s a massive difference. And it shows.

As the race starts, Watson actually takes the lead in the M2. The car’s two-wheel drive traction helps it start a bit better than the bike’s lone wheel. However, once the bike gets up to speed it simply annihilates the M2. It’s the equivalent of Usain Bolt racing me. It’s fast.

BMW S1000RR-Praëm-2

So being that racing the S1000 RR was a bit unfair for the M2, Watson gives it a more fair race — the BMW K1600. The K1600 is much bigger than the S1000 RR, much heavier and much more comfortable. It has heated seating for two, cruise control and a radio. So it’s no rocket. Though it does come with a big engine. It packs a 1.6 liter 158 hp engine, but those are lazier horses than those of the S1000 RR. Plus, the K1600 weighs 348 kg, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 454 hp/tonne. That’s still a lot better than the M2. So Watson throws a monkey wrench into the equation — adding a second rider to the bike.

So now the bike has to carry two people and take on the BMW M2 with only one. As expected, the M2 does much better this time around. Both the M2 and the K1600 launch hard enough and stay neck and neck pretty much the whole race. As they cross the finish line, a photo finish is required to determine a winner. Too bad the M2 is blocking out the front end of the K1600, so we can’t tell if it was a tie or not. So Carwow leaves it up to the viewers.


So what do you think, did the BMW M2 beat the dual-manned BMW K1600?