A young man surprises his father with one of BMW’s best bikes on the market. The BMW K1600 GTL is one of the worlds narrowest, lightest, and most compact inline-6 production motorcycle engines. The slight but powerful inline 6 will pack 160 hp and 129 lb-ft of torque, with 70% of peak torque available at only 1,500 rpm. The engine weighs only 226 lb and will measure 22″ across.

Here is how Operation Motorrad was born:

“Operation Motorrad is the culmination of a decade-long goal to buy my dad a top-of-the-line BMW motorcycle. Here is the HUGE, massively elaborate surprise that involved months of planning and coordination, 4 hidden cameras, many white lies to keep it a secret, satellite imagery, a childhood best friend’s parent’s garage, 3 videographers, and an endless list of steps that had to go exactly according to plan… and DID!”

bmw k1600 gtl exclusive 10 750x562

The base price for the BMW K1600 GTL starts at $23,200.