Latvian tuner HGK Motorsport has put together one of the most impressive builds we’ve seen in a while. Called the F22 Eurofighter, HGK’s creation aims to do one thing right – drifting – and to achieve that, the 2 Series Coupe received the proper equipment.

Underneath the Kevlar/carbon-fiber bodywork, the F22 Eurofighter features a General Motors LS V8 crate engine prepared by Mast Motorsports, mated to a Samsonas five-speed sequential transmission and Winters quick-change differential.


A Callies Magnum crank, Billet rods, Diamond Racing pistons, Total Seal Advanced Profiling steel rings, titanium intake valves, retainers and valve locks, are just some of the modifications applied to the engine. So it comes as no surprise that the combination manages to deliver 820 hp at 7,000 rpm and peak torque of 920 Nm.

The car also features a revamped chassis, a full roll-cage, custom suspension, Wilwood brakes (six-piston fronts, four-piston rears) and a 40-liter fuel cell.

It’s been built to Formula Drift specifications, and has just been delivered to MK Racing in Qatar.