At the 2016 Legends Of The Autobahn, Michelin has once again emphasized its commitment to motorsports and cemented its relationship with BMW. The tire maker has assembled all of the latest model BMW M-series cars at the Legends of Autobahn (LOTA), from the 1M and the new M2, through the M6, the entire family of M cars was displayed for everyone’s enjoyment.

All of the vehicles displayed are running on MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tires, offered as standard or as an available option on every original BMW M car ever built. All the M cars today come from the factory with Michelin tires, from the Pilot Sport PS2 to Pilot Super Sport and now the Sport Cup 2.

Michelin-Legends-of-the-autobahn-6 Michelin-Legends-of-the-autobahn-1

For example, the new BMW X5 M and X6 M, which are also fitted with the PSS tires, went through the testing stage with around 1,400 prototype tires and 500 pre-production tires tested to ensure the tires delivered the performance characteristics demanded by the BMW engineers.

This year’s Legends Of The Autobahn has attracted over 400 BMWs and many more owners who spent an entire morning and afternoon admiring some of the most beautiful cars ever built by the Bavarians.

Michelin-Legends-of-the-autobahn-10 Michelin-Legends-of-the-autobahn-26

As the featured marque, the show encompassed BMWs of all eras. A lot of performance cars from the 1960s to ‘90s were most prominent and were the attraction of the show.

Here is a photo gallery of the modern M cars displayed by Michelin: