We recently caught a glimpse of some features from the upcoming Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept in a teaser video from Mercedes-Benz. In the video, we saw that it was a massively long coupe with gullwing doors. However, more pictures of the Maybach concept have been leaked and Auto Express has them. In the pics we can see almost everything about the car, ahead of its debut tomorrow at Pebble Beach.


In the pictures, we see just how long the Maybach 6 Concept is. It’s flipping massive and almost certainly a few feet longer than a Rolls Royce Wraith. However, this is just a concept, so it’s going to be a bit outlandish. But expect whatever production car this turns into to be massively long. The hood seems to be a million feet long but the rear deck is incredibly short, harking back to classic touring cars from the ’30s and ’40s.

It’s actually quite pretty, at least to these eyes. Admittedly, it’s way too long, but I feel I can see where the design is going. And if similar proportions and styling is kept on the final production car, it should be a looker. To be honest, as time has gone on I’ve grown away from the styling of the Rolls Royce Wraith. It’s a bit too brutish and unnecessarily large. However, this Maybach is svelte and sleek.

Mercedes-Maybach Coupe Teaser

While the exterior is a throwback to cars of a bygone era, the interior is all future tech. With a wrap around white cabin, a single think piece of what looks like leather that makes up both seats and advanced technology everywhere, it looks like something Steve Jobs would design had he been commission to design cars in Minority Report. It’s sterile, high-tech and clean. Blue light adorns the entire cabin and information is displayed across the windscreen. I don’t like it.

The exterior is seductive and full of character. It’s interesting and different, reminiscent of another time. However, the interior is cold and sterile and has none of the character or charm the exterior does. But, that’s sort of how the future of cars is going anyway, so I can’t really blame Maybach for this approach.


We’ll get some live pictures from Pebble Beach tomorrow and keep you posted. But for now, check Auto Express for the pictures ahead of time.

[Source: Auto Express]