Century West BMW has produced yet another performance diesel variant. And this isn’t exactly a sleeper in its appearance.

“It sure is telegraphing its intent, isn’t it?” asks Chris Marino, General Sales Manager of Century West BMW. Marino produced this soul-stirring 328d wagon about three months ago and the dealership is now proudly showing it.

“Through M Performance Parts, I immediately sourced a set of 20 inch Style 405 M wheels,” states Marino. This 2016 BMW 328d started off as one of the most versatile vehicles BMW makes today and then BMW dropped the N47T into this wunder-wagon. The result? 180 horsepower and 280 lb-feet of torque in which to eviscerate asphalt—all whilst getting north of 38 MPG on the highway.

BMW-328d Sports Wagon Performance Edition-12

BMW diesels have amassed a quiet but loyal following of enthusiasts and when you superimpose this group over wagon lovers – who covet few other types of motor vehicle – you get an ultra-desired and one of a kind example. Sports wagons and hatchbacks don’t get a lot of love from BMW in the U.S.,  yet many customers are looking for a versatile, sporty and fast car. “Where is our M5 Touring?” – some would ask.

BMW-328d Sports Wagon Performance Edition-35
BMW-328d Sports Wagon Performance Edition-29 BMW-328d Sports Wagon Performance Edition-31

“I have long thought that BMW sports wagons were some of the brands’ most versatile vehicles,” says Marino.  Marino left nothing off the production for this touring diesel –  black kidney grills, carbon fiber mirror caps, rear diffuser, stainless steel pedals, electronic-performance steering wheel wrapped in alcantara, carbon fiber and alcantara interior trip, M-Performance rocker decals, performance front aero-splitter, M-Performance illuminated door sills and LED door projector kit and the aforementioned 20” Style 405 wheels rounding-out the build.

BMW-328d Sports Wagon Performance Edition-19

“Like everything else I try to build, this one is unique,” added Marino. “For now, colors, options and performance parts are my pallet until Munich decides to put some engineering options as individual selections”, Marino says thoughtfully.

What would he build?

“An X5M and X5d with a manual transmission, an X3M with the S55 engine, a 2 Series with the S55 engine, an M Sport 228d, an X1M with the S55 engine, an X3d with more turbos, and the list can go on.”