VIDEO: BMW 330e commercials mock Tesla Model 3 reservations

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Since Tesla unveiled its upcoming Model 3 at a Steve Jobs-esque press conference, the Silicon Valley-based brand has received over 400,000 reservations for its smallest …

Since Tesla unveiled its upcoming Model 3 at a Steve Jobs-esque press conference, the Silicon Valley-based brand has received over 400,000 reservations for its smallest car. There’s no denying the incredible hype that’s surrounding the Model 3 and how much of a craze it’s causing. However, it hasn’t been without controversy. The chief cause of which has been its release date timeframe. Tesla claimed the Model 3 will debut before 2018, but with delays with Tesla’s Gigafactory and issues with the Model X and Model S, it’s likely that it won’t debut until after 2018. The Bavarians have decided to play on those delays in its new advertising campaign for its new BMW 330e iPerformance.

In a new series of commercials, BMW blatantly mocks Tesla and its Model 3’s delays. The first commercial shows a Tesla Model 3 reservation holder sitting on his front stoop, sad because his car isn isn’t out yet. All the while, a voice over talks about all the things the Model 3 reservation holder can do before the Model 3 comes out, such as do taxes twice and celebrate the new year twice and maybe more “all before that other electric car company’s new car comes out”. All the while, the Model 3 owner’s neighbor across the street is getting into their brand new BMW 330e right now.

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In the second ad, a voice over tells you that “you can pay your deposit and wait, put your name on a list and wait, get in line and wait” as a woman walks through a parking lot at night. She walks past some charging stations, that look suspiciously like Tesla Superchargers, before the voice then says “or you can drive”. That’s when her BMW 330e comes into focus and she unplugs it and drives away.

Basically, both BMW ads are saying that the Model 3 isn’t worth waiting for and people should buy BMW’s new 330e now. It’s also attacking Tesla and its recent issues with delays. And while the ads never state the Tesla name directly, anyone who knows what’s going on in the auto industry knows these ads are attacking Tesla directly.

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While it might be considered a bit of a cheap shot, especially considering that the BMW 330e is just a plug-in hybrid and not a pure BEV like the Model 3 will be, we can understand why BMW might make these ad attacks. People are already claiming the Model 3 to be the savior of the automotive industry far before anyone’s actually seen a drivable production-ready example of it. All of the hype is based on specs and Elon Musk’s enthusiastic presentation. And while its specs are very promising and could very well make a massive impression on the automotive industry as a whole, I’ll paraphrase the great Bill Parcels and say let’s not put it in the Hall of Fame just yet.

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  1. CDspeed says:

    Sad, first they reduce BMW i to a badge for hybrid models, and now they’re resorting to the kind of ad that I’ve always disliked from Asian luxury car makers. In the second video with the look a like Tesla Superchargers, they’re showing that the woman in the video has easy access to the Supercharger network which is the fastest network out there. But instead she’s charging a 330e from a standard outlet which takes over 2 hours for a mere 14 miles of electric range. What happened, BMW looked like a leader in electric cars, and now they’re resorting to negative ads, and have nothing on the way to compete at all? Forget the Tesla Model 3, the Chevrolet Bolt hits later this year with similar looks to the i3, with a lower price, a lot more range over 200 miles, all wrapped up in a slightly bigger car with four doors.

    • Ruthbjames1 says:

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    • Kaisuke971 says:

      But with a chey you can’t be part of the kool kidz. Tesla is trending, there is no denying it, so even if the Bolt is indeed a better option right now, people would still wait for the Tesla.

      • Taylor Marks says:

        Two major advantages of the Model 3 vs the Bolt:
        #1 – Fast charging network. Tesla has coast to coast coverage with the Supercharger network. If you’re in the US, you’re rarely more than 10 miles from one, and never more than 200 miles from one. Also, the car will automatically warn you if you’re getting close to having too little range left to travel to the nearest supercharger (unlike any ICE based car, which will let you drive into a desert without any warning about how you don’t have enough gas to make it to the next station.) Superchargers charge you to full from empty in under an hour – you’ll get about 80% in 20 minutes. The Bolt’s fastest charging option still takes several hours to get it to full, and coverage is extremely spotty.
        #2 – Fully autonomous. GM is talking about maybe being fully autonomous sometime in 2020. Tesla is talking late 2017, early 2018.

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          1) There are little to no superchargers in most countries
          2) The “autonomous” mode is illegal in most countries, plus it’s still in beta testing and much more of a really sophisticated cruise control anyway.

          • Taylor Marks says:

            #1 – I’m in the northern US. My car is only ever going to be driven in the US, and maybe Canada. If I’m going further than that, I’ll fly. I’m not concerned with the supercharger coverage in other countries.
            #2 – Again, I don’t care about other countries. Also, have you ever seen a country where people obeyed the speed limit? How about where people don’t text and drive? The law doesn’t matter – people are going to do what they’re going to do.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            I was just telling you, i didn’t want to trigger your selfishness. It’s not because something makes sense in a particular place that it becomes the best thing in the world. BMW sells cars worldwide, and the Model 3 can’t objectively be “better” if it only makes sense in a couple places really.

          • Taylor Marks says:

            Your original comment was about the GM Bolt. I was explaining how the Model 3 is objectively better than the Bolt.

            Also, on the topic of coverage. Tesla is based out of the US. 50% of their sales so far have been in the US. Naturally it’s the US where they’ll have the densest supercharger coverage. The first US superchargers were built in November of 2012. Less than 4 years later, they’ve covered the US. Their first non-US supercharger was built in Canada in 2014. By the end of 2018, I would expect them to have coverage comparable to the US today. By the end of 2020, I would expect most of Europe, Australia, China, and Japan to have coverage comparable to the US today, if not better.

          • Carl Raymond S says:

            When it comes to Australia, you need to define ‘most’. The circles drawn around superchargers will cover most of the population, but it will be a very long time before they cover most of the area.

          • Taylor Marks says:

            The only place I used the word “most” was in relation to Europe. When I said it, I meant that most of the European countries would have coverage comparable to the US today, if not better, by the end of 2020. The countries I’m talking about are the ones with at least one supercharger today.

          • Carl Raymond S says:

            Don’t confuse ‘better product’ with ‘better purchase’. The Tesla is a better product, full stop. In places, it’s not the best purchase, but that will change with time.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            It’s not the better product. First of all it’s not even out yet, so every spec is just speculation for now really, and then it has worse quality (come on, it’s a Tesla, and an even cheaper one), worse reliability (lots of issues with the Model S, don’t think it’ll get better if you drastically increase the production AND lower the price), worse practicality (because there are no superchargers)…

            You believe it is because you like it more and you live in the US.

          • Carl Raymond S says:

            It’s a better product because it will play a part in turning around the Keeling Curve (pls google if not familiar). I live in Sydney, Australia.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            All the new more efficient ICE cars that replace the old ones play a part in turning around the Keeling Curve, and i’d say even more because we’re not talking 400 000 potential cars in 3 years but millions of cars a year.

          • Carl Raymond S says:

            At best, an ICE car slows the rate at which it climbs. To stop the climb, we need zero emissions. To turn it around, we need to sequester.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            The difference of scale easily makes up for the greater impact per car they’ll possibly have. Plus don’t forget that electricity is, in lots of countries (including the US, or China), mainly produced via fossil energy anyway, so it’s still just about converting it more efficiently really.

          • Carl Raymond S says:

            The goal is to transition to a zero emissions world as quickly as possible. Ten years ago I might have agreed with you, as BEVs were inferior. Now that BEVs are better cars, there is nothing to be gained by building factories that build hybrids – it only serves to prolong the life of oil.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            EVs are still inferior, that’s why there are little to none on the road. Maybe, in some places, they are blending it, but that’s pretty rare. I’ve literally seen like one Tesla in my whole life.

          • flubalubaful says:

            Tesal is being sold in multiple countries around the world, Damn Elon has already stated that the demand is such that he is looking at building a few more gigafactories around the world to keep up with the interest for tesla cars. When he gets to the under $20 000 cars he has said Tesla is going to sell that will be cheap enough for most countries and BMW will panic even more than they are right now.

          • flubalubaful says:

            Autonomous mode has not been activated on any tesla or any car for that matter , Tesla has autopilot assistance where the care recognises the road keeps in one lane and can prevent rear and front accidents. It keeps the car in one lane and can judge the distance from the car in front to keep a safe distance. There is no autonomous mode and i do not know why you would lie about that., Also there are superchargers in almost every country where they are sold, and like in the UK they only need a few hundred to cover the main stretches of the motorways. Damn i could drive from the south of England to the northern most tip with a 30 minute charge half way. and a second 30 minute charge to reach the north of Scotland a 600 mile trip.

            There is no way that any other manufacturer has even close to the amount of supercharges Tesla has around the world.

        • flubalubaful says:

          Everyone mocked Tesla from the day they revealed their first full electric car , they will continue laughing until they realise that there are millions of fans that will not but any car from any other manufacturer.
          Many like myself have followed the adventure and not only bought a tesla but purchased stocks and refuse to sell them. This is going to be like the iphone where everyone wants one and other manufacturers do not even come close for 10 years and even then Musk is smarter than the apple execs and could grab a huge part of the market around the world and hold on to it for generations.

  2. StupidZombie says:

    So Lexus/Toyota made such cheep a ads, and now BMW does the same sh*t? I like BMW, but now BMW is just losing it. These ads are an unintentional admission of BMW’s failure. They started well, with BMW i, but now they just dropped it.

  3. Carl Raymond S says:

    If any car company hopes to beat Tesla, they have to think big. They need a gigafactory. They need a supercharger network. Finally, and this is the winning move, they need a faster supercharger. People will buy the car that is pure BEV (faster, smoother, quieter, cleaner, cheaper and more convenient than ICEV), and gets them there without lengthy delay. Everything else is secondary.

    • Taylor Marks says:

      If there was a fully autonomous ICE that could drive itself to get gas, oil changes, service, etc, and it were cheaper than a Model 3, I’d consider it.

      Instead, Tesla isn’t just the leader in EVs, they’re also the leader in deploying autonomy (you can argue Google is ahead with autonomy, but Google has no plan for how they’ll turn their prototypes into actual products. You know because Google has zero ability to not brag. If they had a go to market plan, they’d be bragging about it.)

      • Carl Raymond S says:

        Society may not accept that a fully autonomous ICE vehicle has a right to use the road. Driving around with an exhaust pipe, polluting the city air we all breathe, is roughly equivalent to smoking in a kindergarten. Exhaust pipes would have been outlawed years ago if there had been a viable alternative. Only one thing is more arrogant than smoking in a kindergarten, and that’s lighting a cigarette, placing it on an ash tray to smoulder, and leaving the room.

  4. Kaisuke971 says:

    Tesla fans are the worst of the worst, look at the dislikes and comments. The sad part is that they put themselves on an equal footing with your average car guy, yet they barely know Tesla. Oh boy… We’re slowly heading to a world where only 0-60 and range matter :'(

    • Jonathan Dittmar says:

      The add was just that bad it is around 80% dislikes on the video. The add basically said that guy on the porch was waiting for a better product and the neighbors just settled for a bmw. Are the neighbors going to sell there car in 2-3 years and get a tesla?

      • Kaisuke971 says:

        It’s not bad, Tesla fanboys have an habit of getting butthurt for everything. BMW has the habit to make this kind of non-serious funny adverts alongside the real ones, for banter, it’s part of their DNA.

        The ad is probably on some pro-tesla website and gets lots of traffic from there, hence the dislikes. Heck, i’m not even sure half of these people actually watched the video !

        • Jonathan Dittmar says:

          When you directly mention another competitor “that electric car company” it is obvious they are following and not leading. 14 mile EV range is also one of the lowest in the industry, ford and kia beats them. So much for a premium product

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            Actually it’s BMW’s second attempt at this, because they had some 335i with an electric engine that was poorly designed and had no point. Then BMW already did that with an X1 ad in front of a golf court, so as i said it’s just their habit.

            And then you kinda missed the point of the 330e… It’s supposed to be a conventional car that has been optimized to offer both great performances and great fuel economy. The electric miles can support the petrol engine in the part of your daily commute when your four cylinder was supposed to consume the most :)

          • Jonathan Dittmar says:

            The only reason this car even exist is to get past European zero emission zone fees. This car is half hearted attempt at best. The model 3 is also a performance oriented car 0-60 under 6 seconds for the base version

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            Which is a good thing, because it becomes a really good option when all the eco taxes things come in the addition. You can have a petrol BMW and pay like it’s electric, while consuming less than a diesel.

            Yeah it has a respectable 0-60 time. Too bad it literally hits a wall shortly after, and on rolling accelerations the car isn’t quite as punchy as from a stop.

          • Jonathan Dittmar says:

            It’s better then nothing I’ll give you that. Most plug in hybrid buyers polled say their next car will need more EV range or going full electric. So this 14 mile range at least gets their foot in the door

          • claude laval says:

            yes 14 miles is a joke and worse after the 4 years maintenance-free(big edge in that category) maintenance on fuel engine plus BEV will almost double the price…

        • claude laval says:

          I’m a future tesla owner (in less than 6 months) and no I don’t take offense with these ads because a car that can go only 14 miles on electricity is not on the same league.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            Good thing it has a petrol engine then isn’t it ? I don’t even worry about manufacturers like BMW or Mercedes. They are at the top of the game for so long that they can’t even be stopped anymore.

            In a couple years they’ll outdo Tesla and it’ll either be on par with Lexus for the brand that tried, or Audi being the “almost”.

          • Jonathan Dittmar says:

            Couple of years? the model S which outsells the 7 series and S class has been around since 2012

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            The Model S doesn’t compete against the 7 and the S Class. It has their size but realistically it’s more of a 5 Series and E Class competitor. Seriously look at its interior quality and finition…

          • Jonathan Dittmar says:

            It’s in there price range and has similar performance. Plus every car site says they are in the same class. Interior is only one metric

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            A G Class and a Rolls Royce Ghost can be in the same price range, have similar performances (similar is vague btw), and not be competitors. Electric cars tend to be more expensive for a comparable finition.

            If anything, the Model S is more similar to the CLS, 6 Series Gran Coupe, Maseratti Quattroporte and Jaguar XJ.

            But honestly it’s of a segment of its own with relatively poor finition, and a more of a family-oriented aspect imo.

          • Jonathan Dittmar says:

            All those manufacturers don’t have a battery factory and LG Chem can only supply so much or they have to buy from Panasonic(tesla) to be able to compete

          • Matt Stokes says:

            That’s old information.

            The Model S trails even the 7 series so far this year. Though I don’t follow the Tesla numbers very closely it does kinda look like since they put the Model 3 sale the Model S sales numbers have dropped off quite a lot.

          • Jonathan Dittmar says:

            Do you have a link the 7 series sold 8k units this year and the model s sold 15k units

          • Matt Stokes says:

            The claim is based on Q1 & Q2 2016 global figures which are available in Quarterly reports and official press releases. Can’t look them up again right now, but the Model S was on about 22,000, the 7-er was on about 26,000 (both YTD), the S-Class did around 22,000 in Q2 alone.

          • Jonathan Dittmar says:

            The 7 series is available in much more markets then the s. If you compare market by market the model s wins

          • Matt Stokes says:

            Well, you can try and slice your Tesla propaganda whichever way you want, but you claimed the Model S outsells the 7-er and the S-Class. Which is clearly not true. If you want to revise your claim to “…. in the U.S.” then go ahead. All it does is highlight how massively dependent Tesla is on the US market for it’s Hype, headlines, and customers.

          • Jonathan Dittmar says:

            So you are going to count bmw sales in countries that the model s isn’t available in like Russia,brazil,india sounds fair. The model s even outsells the 7 series in Germany

        • CDspeed says:

          Here is a video done for Lexus to make the i3 look bad, notice in some scenes the fuel filler flap for the REx is visible but in others it’s been edited out, and the car is said to be electric only in the video, it might make your butt hurt.

        • Lean&Mean says:

          I don’t mind BMW doing adverts with a bit of humor. I thought their BMWi3 ‘newfangled idea’ Superbowl ad ( ) was very well put together, as was their local ad for the i3, which hinted at the silence of the i3, perfectly playing with conventions, stereotypes and the difference between the father (in the traditional, typical BMW buyer clothing) who thought he needed the engine sound, untill the son did the same acceleration, with the mimic showing that it needed no engine sound to give the same thrill: (their slogan: i3, “driving pleasure re-invented” This ad, while perhaps funny (I laughed), it is a bit strange that BMW is trying to sell a hybrid (14 mile range, didn’t the first 1999 Prius have that. Really, with all BMW engineerings power, this is the best they could come up with?) My grandparents drove a BMW for 20 years, for it’s safety & the innovative product they brought to market at that time. I was a big fan of it at the time. The i3 is a reasonable product, with a lot of innovative touches (CRFP design, thinking about every gram to shave off in weight to optimize battery performance), but still a bit mangled. The fact that BMW doesn’t dare to line it up against the Tesla Model 3, but needs what is in essence just a regular 330, with a small battery pack to make sure they just squeeze in under EU/EPA regulations, is basically a 330 with 4 year old Prius technology, done poorly. Not the innovative driving experience you’d expect from BMW (and on which they pride themselves). If they really put their mind to it, I’d love to have a BMWi5, or a fully electric BMW i8 (instead of the $135 000 mangled i8 with also 10-20 miles electric range. Batterycost can’t be an issue at that price: I think it’s a shame to BMW’s engineering spirit that for that money you can’t engineer something that can match a top of the line Tesla P90DL, where a 10 year old company with 1/10th of the staff and a fraction of the BMW budgets, can?). I have several friends at BMW in Munchen who feel the same and who feel embaressed that they let Tesla eat their cake and that this the best that BMW currently has to show as an answer? It’s like if Apple would have answered the newest Samsung S7 with an “refreshed Iphone 3GS” in 2016. I still have great respect for BMW’s past achievements, but after an initial ok start with the i3, they have been lacking. This is demonstrated best by the fact that several of the key personell of the i3 team have left for companies with a strong full electric future.

    • claude laval says:

      no 0-60 doesn’t matter too much but range and clean air does…

    • CDspeed says:

      So when Lexus does the same thing to BMW, you don’t get a little ticked off?

    • Carl Raymond S says:

      People buy Tesla because it’s pure BEV (faster, smoother, quieter, cleaner and more convenient than ICEV). Range is both upside and downside of going electric – upside because you wake every day with a full ‘tank’. Downside, because that full tank is a bit less than a full tank of petrol – so on those four days a years when you drain a full tank in one session, you have to coordinate charging with eating and peeing.
      0 – 60 time is only about bragging rights. It’s really about responsiveness, the time between pressing the accelerating and feeling the car move, and any EV beats any ICE on that score, because there’s no delay feeding petrol into cylinders and no engine inertia.

    • StupidZombie says:

      I could agree with you, but I don’t because I think you are just as them (Tesla fans). The problem here, are believers, more precisely zealous belief. One must not necessarily believe in God, one can believe in a brand, believe in politicians etc…

  5. claude laval says:

    BMW 330e :range 14 miles. Tesla Model 3:range 200 miles. I will wait…

    • Matt Stokes says:

      330e range is getting on for double that of the Tesla. This car makes a lot of sense for a certain driving profile. If it doesn’t for yours then fair enough, but you sound very narrow-minded with some of your other posts.

      • Kåre says:

        Burning fossil fuel is so last century. BMW better get moving, or they will join Kodak, Nokia and such – used to rule the markets, but couldn’t adapt to changes.
        With fossil fuel, you could easily make a 2000 mile range car – if you wanted – but relying on oil is short sighted – fine for YOU – but it won’t last forever, and it puts out too much CO2.
        330e compares better to a 2012 Prius, except the BMW is 4 years late.

        Who is waiting for who?

        • Matt Stokes says:

          Keep hanging on to that 4 years BS. Building an EV isn’t rocket science, a (small) percentage of the market has spoken, and it’s clear more EV’s are wanted, the other manufacturers are now reacting, so whilst they might not have an equivalent car on the market for 4 years (or less), what happens to Tesla when they ALL do?

          Here’s a comparable number… Tesla delivered just over 50,000 cars last year… last time BMW did that small of a number was 1961. Do you worry that Tesla are 55 years behind BMW in terms of their ability to manufacture cars?

          And, besides all of that, while the 330e does share more in common with the Prius than a Tesla, BMW itself is not four years behind… they announced the MCV (that became the i3) in 2010… A carbon-fibre shelled car, with a battery pack under the floor. The ONLY reason BMW aren’t crapping all over Model S sales is because they decided to apply that technology to a compact city car rather than a normal/luxury(ish) saloon, and that gets reflected in the range figure. I quite like the i3, but I agree this was a bad decision by BMW – but they have the technology, and billions and billions of Euros profit, and global manufacturing capacity of millions of cars per year in order to put it out there.

          • Kåre says:

            So the question is – why don’t BMW do it? A 14 mile range hybrid, in 2016, is a bit of a joke. So much so, that BMW has to resort to lies and a fake mocking of the brand (unnamed) which didn’t talk bla bla – but just did it.

            Too much vested in fossil fuel tech. A new startup can start afresh, no legacy to be lost by switching to non-fossils.

          • Max says:

            Why?! Because it is not the right time yet. Real life 200-250miles on an 80-100k car is just ridicoulous, you can see it on sales – 50000 Teslas is nothing (!!) to your fossil fuel bla bla bla. Better build efficient cars NOW, which are people actually buying at the moment and not in 3-5 years!
            At this time every big manufacturer will have a reasonable solution and the Tesla hype is over, maybe the whole company is over..13 quarters in a row with a loss. Great economics btw!

          • Matt Stokes says:

            A new start-up can do anything if they can afford to haemorrhage money like Tesla does!

            And again, it’s not a 14 mile range hybrid, is a 370-ish mile range Hybrid.

            Besides all that. I agree, the adverts are cringe-worthy, and nowhere in this thread have I supported them. It’s every bit as bad as when Audi do it, or Lexus do it… the thing they have in common is that they are adverts made for the US, and that kind of mentality seems to be more of a reflection of what works in the American market, than the Brands overall philosophy.

      • claude laval says:

        Narrow-minded? example please…

        • Matt Stokes says:

          You’ve repeatedly stated that the 330e only has a 14 mile range. This is simply a lie- or- at best a half truth. You don’t seem to be able to consider that a PHEV is a more effective solution for some driver than BEV. You see at as BEV or nothing, and then want to have a p***ing contest over total electric range. Confirmation bias much?

          • Kåre says:

            Burning fossil fuels is just too easy: The real challenge is to make a proper, long range car that does NOT burn anything. A hybrid fossil-electric car is like pissing your pants to keep warm. Not a solution, but a compliance box ticking exercise.

            BMW, you have so much more, just get on with it – do what you need to do. It’s not a fight between brands, but a fight between burning vs non-burning.

          • Matt Stokes says:

            I’d extend your idealism to say that the real challenge is to make a car than consumes no more resources than it needs to, at all stages of its life. I maintain that driving around in a car with a large enough battery to cover 200 miles every day is simply dragging around dead-weight that is composed of lots of resource hungry materials.

            The average journey here in the UK is about 6 miles IIRC, pushing “range-mine-is-better-than-yours” mentality, means people aren’t considering what resources they /need/ to use, they simply want the most. This isn’t efficient thinking – it’s no better than driving around with 10 jerry-cans of fuel in the boot all the time, that you might only use once. That’s one of the reasons I respect BMW-i’s philosophy of looking at things intelligently – because that’s engineering, Musk’s attitude of a “ludicrous” mode and wanting a line-up of cars called Model S, E, and X isn’t engineering, it’s marketing. The Active-E and Mini-E programs told BMW what they needed to know before they launched the i3, it’s range was driven by what people actually use, not by a “the bigger the better” mindest

            Believe it or not, I’m all for sustainability, in resources and manufacturing, but also in economy. To me Tesla represents none of those things… though I’ll happily admit I respect Musk for having the balls to really kick-start the EV market. I think it would have gone that way anyway, but would perhaps have taken another 15 years or so.

            I’m not married to the idea of Petrol/Diesel or even internal combustion, but at the moment no EV ticks all the right boxes for me, though I suspect within the next decade they’ll get very close.

  6. Michael B says:

    A pathetic ad for an apathetic target audience.

  7. bubby smith says:

    Stinging Rebuke for the 330e Alert:
    The 330e is a load of cr*p car. It’s so incredibly overpriced, And that’s just for the all nothing extras stripped down “base model.” To get all of the advanced safety features, you’re looking at $15k on top of the $43 sticker price. That’s upwards of almost $60 k. Oh, and they never discount. Anything. . No need to wait at that rate, get a Tesla S. You can buy one today. .

    Now, onto the car itself. The car is TINY. No-one who wants a Tesla S or a Tesla E would even be remotely satisfied with the entry level 3 series. There I said it. That’s what it is, a tiny, stripped down, overpriced, entry level car. Yuk. The anathema of what a Tesla is. Period.

    Finally, The 330e is a plug-in hybrid. It gets what ? 13 miles on battery before the hybrid kicks in.
    It’s not an apples to apples comparison. In the least.

    So, if that commercial is all it takes to convince you to plop down $50k, then you’re a fool. Most people who can afford to pay for — or finance — a $50k car, are not that dumb. Maybe.

  8. Intrepid says:

    While I fully agree that is series of commercials are ridiculous, I don’t believe the 330e deserves all of the hate.

    I’d like to say that I fully intended on making the Tesla model 3 my next vehicle. I followed the launch and live streamed the unveiling, but didn’t attempt to preorder until after I saw the car, which still isn’t even 100% production ready yet today. My 2014 BMW 428i lease was about to expire in 8 months and there was no way I was getting a Tesla 3 by then as there were 300,000 other reservations in ahead of mine. What options did I have? Moving from a 428i, there was no way I was going to get a volt or a Ford Energi..

    At first I laughed at the 330e too because of the piffling EPA estimated all electric range, but then I test drove it. The car is smart. Using the BMW remote app to schedule departure allows the cabin and batteries to precondition before setting off, maximizing range. I can easily achieve 20 miles of pure electric range, which may seem short, but I have managed to get 1000 miles on just a single fill up of the 10 gallon tank. I have not been driving gingerly, or like every leaf driver I’ve ever encountered creeping along the motorway. I have had a blast! Other than the fact that there is nothing but a whir coming from under the bonnet, this car handles exactly like any other 3 series.

    I won’t tell you how much I’m paying for my lease, but my 330e is much more well equipped than my 4 series and I only pay $100 more a month thanks to the government and corporate incentives. I easily save $100 in fuel per month with the addition of an electric drivetrain and have driven over 700 miles on pure electricity in just the first month of ownership.

    While BMW certainly could have gotten the point across better, the 330e is by far the best plugin hybrid available now.

    • bubby smith says:

      You should have checked out the Energi for comparison. The titanium version is dope. But if you’re someone who refers to the hood of a car as a bonnet, then i get it, that’s never gonna happen. Im’ sure the 330e is a fortune, so it’s convenient of you not to admit how much you’re paying. But its your money, and you should totally do what you want with it. I never saw the 330e getting any incentive money from the gov’t when i drove it 3 weeks ago My energi got over $4000 from US gov and $1500 from Calif, and an HOV sticker. It was a no brainier. I’d love to drive a BMW again. But it’s not 2003 anymore, and I average 51 mpg gas+electric combined on my Energy. I do a lot of driving– 16,000/year. I couldn’t give up all the perks to the Energi for the compromises of the 330e. Plus the Energi is the same size as a 5 Series. The 3 series is tiny. It made me feel like I was in my 20’s. And I’m not, I’m a man.

      • Intrepid says:

        I actually am in my 20s and I did my research before leasing this new car. The size is perfect for me and I love that it is rear wheel drive with 310ft lbs of torque. I really don’t pay that much because I was able to get the $4000 incentive from the government and $1500 off for my corporate discount Apple provides. I live in South Florida and we have HOV stickers as well which allow free travel on the 95 express lane and there is electric car parking at virtually everyone of my destinations. No lie since getting the car, I have averaged more than 65mpg mixed.
        I don’t see this car as the be all end all car of the millennium, but it is ideal to lease until BMW or tesla actually has a reasonably priced and available long range EV. The resale value doesn’t matter to me as its a lease and anyone with a brain should be smart enough not to BUY a $50,000+ 3 series.

    • Taylor Marks says:

      What do you mean the Model 3 isn’t 100% production ready yet today? Musk confirmed that the design was finished and that everything has been ordered for production to begin on July 1st, 2017, as of last month. He said that he’s doubtful that every supplier will be ready on July 1st, which will cause production to more likely begin in late summer, but he’s been clear that the 1% of suppliers or employees that isn’t meeting targets leading up to July 1st will be cut (or fired, if its an employee) and replaced with someone more competent, who will pick up the slack that their predecessor dropped.

  9. Jbw87 says:

    Boring bmw… 72mpg is lame… the bmw isn’t even the same price point

  10. John says:

    I wonder what the 330e will be worth in a couple years when the Model 3 is everywhere. Maybe 25% of their original value? LOL

    • 2sfhim says:

      In a couple of years Tesla will maybe begin full production of the Model 3 but then most customers will have changed of mind. People won’t wait for 3 years to get the car, it will be outdated. Competition is coming and the difference is that competitors know how to build cars quickly and properly.

      • John says:

        So when is BMW going to release the 330e with a useful range? LOL

      • John says:

        And if BMW does increase the range of the 330e, they better have an upgrade option for past 330e buyers.

      • John says:

        Also, BMW does not build cars quickly. They’re incredibly slow at releasing new models.

        • 2sfhim says:

          Most brands unveil a new model and start sales on the same day or in the months after. Deliveries start a few months later without delays. With Tesla, it’s one year and a half later (at least, that’s waht they said… it may change). And they are much slower than other brands to reach full production capacity without having a lot of issues.

        • Matt Stokes says:

          Okay, let’s have a think about that comment;

          Tesla since 2008…
          Model S,
          Model X,
          Model 3,

          So… 4 models in 8 years, well actually 3, since the Model 3 isn’t finished yet.

          BMW since 2008…
          F20, F21, F22, F23, F30, F31, F32, F33, F34, F35, F36, F45, F46, E84, F48, F49, F01, F02, G11, G12, F06, F07, F10, F11, F12, F13, F25, F26, F15, F16, i01, i12……
          … and of course some motorbikes.. and Mini’s… and some Rolls Royce’s.

          …. and there’s bound to be some I’ve missed.

          So yeah… if that’s slow… Tesla’s pace is positively glacial. And, BMW can actually build all those models without putting customers on a multiyear waiting list.

  11. TDude says:

    BMW: “Here, buy this car that will be worth nothing in a couple years when the real deal is released!”

  12. Matt Stokes says:

    I see that the Tesla Fanboy brigade still swarm over everything that had the “T” word in it.

    Some people don’t give a shit about Tesla, so get over it. I don’t live in California, and by the time EV’s make it even to 10% market penetration, the major players will have their own options. Tesla will lose its USP, and disappear. They bring nothing to the table, if they did they’d have been swallowed up by an existing company. Existing companies don’t bother because they know they can do the same, AND make money doing it UNLIKE tesla.

    • John says:

      You obviously dislike Tesla, but do you think the 330e is a good product?

      • Matt Stokes says:

        I respect Musk for what he’s trying to do, but the fact is in the UK, a Tesla is a novelty car. And yes, as I’ve posted here before, the 330e is nearly an ideal product for me. For you 200 miles might be a good range, but for me <20 is fine day to day, and for my longer trips 200 miles is less than half what it needs to be. The Tesla is overkill for most things, and not good enough when it counts. It's as simple as that. For EV fans that want to play top trumps 200 is a bigger number than 14, but start applying that to actual real peoples needs, and 200 only becomes even more of an arbitrary number. You want BEV only. for me PHEV is still the best of both worlds.

        • Max says:

          Completely agree!
          People dont understand that the world is not Cali or US…
          I do 1000-1200miles trips on weekends almost every month on german autobahn going 200km/h+, if I want to do that with any EV on the planet I’d be completely lost and that probably wont change in the next 10-20 years…Even 20min full charging would be too much for me.
          A PHEV makes so much more sense for that kind of driving here. 15-20miles in the city is still enough and I have no worries, that when the Model 3 is finally out (maybe in 2020? :P) the next 3er PHEV is out with maybe 30-40miles? pure EV range which is far enough for the most commuters who want to use their car for longer trips as well. If u want to go further u need both anyway so why should I buy 2 cars if I could get both in 1?
          Although, I am not a big fang of these kind of ads in general and dont really understand why BMW is doing that. I dont think they need that, they will make their way anyway, they are doing valuable business and not burning money 13 quarters in a row.

          • Isak Swahn says:

            Judging from my experience in Germany last week, people driving over 200 km/h are in a very tiny minority, even among Germans. What will change in 10-20 years is that you will probably calm down. ;-)

      • claude laval says:


  13. John says:

    BMW fanboys, engage!!!

  14. 181 says:

    Just the fact BMW approved such ads automatically makes them Pepsi in Pepsi vs Coke. The leader never mentions completion by name–only the follower does that. That should be a troubling sign for BMW fans.

    • John says:

      Cars are changing so fast that brand loyalty doesn’t make much sense anymore. Look at how much Porsche has changed over the past 10 years. BMW isn’t the same as it was 15 years ago. Most car manufacturers make 2 or 3 excellent models, and the rest are just there to make sure they cover all the niches. BMW is no different. IMHO Porsche is the new “ultimate driving machine”.

  15. Chris Kong says:

    Save your $1500 of ad cost per vehicle and put them into R&D and build better products for everyone before it’s too late. Your brand will turn into Nokia / Blackberry of automobile if you keep this mindset.

  16. Melanie Wullaert says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if by “mock” you mean “sad, pitiful attempt to lure away”, then I might agree. Holy crap that add was hilarious! Oh man, I can’t stop laughing… Boy, oh boy, BMW, desperation does not look good on you… *laugh snorts*

  17. John says:


  18. Kåre says:

    Hybrid is better than pure fossil – but it’s almost 2017, this car is about 10 years late.

    And how can BMW compare the e330 to a fully electric car? It’s like comparing a wind turbine to a coal power plant with a filter on.

    And the whole “wait” thing – there IS no wait. Long range electric cars have been available since 2012 already – four years ago! The “wait” about the Model 3 is about a car which is fully electric AND cheap AND modern.

    Having said “cheap” – electric cars might have a slightly higher sticker price, but the total cost of ownership is so much lower. With 14 miles of range, you still need a lot of fuel for that hybrid. You need all the oil changes, maintenance with a magnitude more things than wear out and needs replacement. BMW needs YOU to buy their cars, so their service shops have you coming back again and again.

    And finally – it’s not just about YOU, it’s about US. We need to slash the amount of fossil fuel we burn. Not reduce BY a few percent, but TO a few percent. Hybrid cars won’t do that for us, it’s like peeing your pants to keep warm.

    Bashing a company that’s really shaking up the whole business and showing the way to go is merely admitting that they beat you to it. Instead of putting the gloves on and get to work, they try to smear the leader of the pack.

    Tesla doesn’t need advertisement because the cars sell themselves. With or without fossil fuel car companies bashing ads.

  19. Kåre says:

    A 2016 BMW 330e is really just a 2012 plug-in Toyota Prius – with a different casing, and 4 years too late:

    Some history:

    1997: The first mainstream hybrid car delivered (Prius), though not yet with a plug.

    2008: Long range fully electric sports car is launched. Zero emission, maximum performance.

    2012: Long range, fast, sexy, roomy fully electric sedan is launched, seats up to 7 people.
    Same year, also a plug-in version of Prius, with the same 14 mile electric range as the BMW 330e to come 4 years later

    2013: Fast charging network, USA coast to coast

    2014: BMW i3, almost 100 mile range fully electric car. Only 4 seats, half the range, and 2 years late. Some say it’s unsightly, though I don’t mind the design.

    2016: Long range, fast, sexy and roomy fully electric SUV is launched

    2016: BMW comes up with a 2012 style hybrid … 14 miles electric range and compares it to the fully electric car they are really scared of.

    What are you waiting for, BMW? How about using your advertisement budget on building next gen cars, instead of adding more lipstick to your pigs …

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      I hope the 2008 car you’re talking about is not the Tesla Roadster, because it was an immense failure that almost made the brand go bankrupt.

      • Taylor Marks says:

        In what way was the Roadster an immense failure? Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy from about December 2007 through December 2008. Tesla delivered the first Roadster in March 2008. They delivered the 100th in December 2008. They delivered the 200th in February 2009. They delivered the 300th in March.

        They were on the verge of bankruptcy before they delivered a single Roadster. By the time they’d delivered the 200th, they had safely backed a considered distance away from bankruptcy. By the time they stopped in 2012, they had delivered 2600 Roadsters.

        Seems to me that the Roadster was the exact opposite of a failure that almost caused bankruptcy. It was a success that avoided an all but certain bankruptcy.

  20. Max says:

    Any other comments necessary?! Just read the BMW july press report..

    “BMW’s electrified models continue to exceed expectations, especially in Europe. While four percent of all BMW sales in Western Europe in July were electrified vehicles, that percentage increases significantly in markets where innovative electric mobility is supported through financial and infrastructure measures. For example, in the Netherlands, 43% of BMW 3 Series registrations are for the plug-in hybrid BMW 330e model and 26% of 2 Series Active Tourer registrations are for the BMW 225xe. In Scandinavia, those figures are even higher, with the plug-in hybrid versions accounting for 45% of all BMW 3 Series sales and 55% of all BMW 2 Series Active Tourer sales”

    Here u have it, the 330e apparently makes sense to many people out there..maybe they are just a little bit smarter than the average Tesla fanboy here.

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