The tuning experts at AC Schnitzer have given the BMW M3 and M4 with M-sport power a further energy boost. This extra power and performance is evident in the M3 and M4 by AC Schnitzer in every driving situation, both on the track and in everyday use on public roads. The extra engine power is provided by AC Schnitzer with a performance upgrade using an additional ECU, taking the power from 431 to 510 hp and from 550 to 645 Nm. The scope of supply of all AC Schnitzer performance upgrades always includes a two-year warranty which can be extended optionally to three years.

After a visit to the Aachen workshops, the upgrade – developed with AC Schnitzer “Efficient Performance” know-how – is also evident from the exhaust of the M3/M4. AC Schnitzer silencers with flap control, with or without sound pipe (export version) and inclusive of two “Sport” or black “Sport” tailpipes on each side, develop the sound to make every tuning fan’s heart beat faster: a powerful, sporting note with simultaneously improved gas flow.

AC Schnitzer BMW M3 M4 tuning 5 750x554

The AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit (lowering by around 25 – 30 mm at the front and 10 – 15 mm at the rear) or RS adjustable suspension in compression and rebound (which come with lowering of 30 – 40 mm at the front and around 30 mm at the rear) makes it clear to every M3 and M4 driver on cornering that the true feel for driving dynamics comes from Aachen.


“Better fast than hard” is the philosophy behind all AC Schnitzer suspension set-ups, and it makes itself felt in every situation. So the handling of the AC Schnitzer RS adjustable suspension in principle matches the standard set-up: good-natured load-change reactions and gentle understeer at the limit zone are important, but with the AC Schnitzer RS coilovers, significantly higher cornering speeds are possible while retaining absolute comfort in everyday use.

The basis for the areodynamic package is the super-lightweight carbon front spoiler elements (400 g) which can be used both alone or as the basis for the multistage bodystyling kit. For stage two, in addition to the carbon front spoiler elements, the new AC Schnitzer racing front splitter is added. This further improves downforce on the front axle, and ensures improved roadholding.



The final stage of the AC Schnitzer front aerodynamic conversion for the M3 and M4 is achieved with the carbon front side wings. These are fitted to the front skirt in sets of two on the right and two on the left (4 per set). The arrangement enhances the air flow along the vehicle side, further improving downforce on the front axle. The components of the aerodynamic package for the front of the BMW M3 and M4 are available individually or as a complete kit.

Aerodynamic components are also available for the rear: with the carbon rear diffuser, a rear roof spoiler, rear spoiler and the carbon rear wing (available in two heights), the emphasis is again on “downforce”. Carbon mirror covers and a rear skirt protective film complete the extensive package.

The themes of style and functionality continue in the interior: AC Schnitzer aluminium pedal set and foot rests, AC Schnitzer keyholder, gear knob with digital gear display or aluminium “Black Line” gearknob and aluminium “Black Line” handbrake handle, aluminium cover for the iDrive Controller and velours floor mats are available for those wishing to harmonize the interior of the vehicle with its power and sporting elegance.


A suitable range of wheels complete the tuning package by AC Schnitzer.


With the new AC1 alloys in BiColor or Anthracite, AC Schnitzer has reinterpreted the classic twinspoke design. The result is a hybrid sporting look. In the refined design, triangle tips point towards the rim bed and widen towards the centre, terminating in five trapezoids. These direct the eye to the only classic element of the AC1 wheel: the 5-sided hub cap with AC Schnitzer logo. The AC1 wheels are also available for the BMW M3 and M4 as forged alloys in 20-inch. These wheels achieve an apparent contradiction: although the AC1 forged alloys are one inch larger than the standard wheels, they tip the scales at a lower weight and this perceptibly reduces the gyroscopic forces on the car, further positively influencing driving dynamics.


The road-holding of the M3 and M4 becomes even better with the new mixed tires which AC Schnitzer is making available exclusively for the top models. On the front, the AC1 forged alloys in 20 inch are fitted with tyres size 265/30 R 20, and on the rear with tires size 285/30 R 20. The M3/M4 can also be fitted with AC1 alloys in 19 and 20 inch.

The wheel range also includes Type VIII alloys and forged alloys in BiColor Black, Silver or Anthracite, Type V Forged Alloys in BiColor or Anthracite, and Type IV rims in BiColor Black up to size 21-inch with corresponding tyres.

What more can one ask? The AC Schnitzer conversion for M3 and M4 gives the customer firstly a vehicle which is perfectly suited to everyday use with supreme comfort, and secondly a sports car ideal for cornering and track use.