Since Jeremy Clarkson recently praised the BMW M2 it seems like nobody has one bad thing to say about the new M car. That being the situation at hand, we might as well enjoy the thousands of videos of the baby M model going around online. The best way to enjoy an M2 is, however, taking it to the Green Hell, the place where it was developed and set up to rise to the highest of expectations.

Racing driver Jamie Vandenbalck recently took one of them out for a quick run around the Nurburgring and according to his own video description, the M2 left quite an impression on the young Belgian. In case you haven’t heard of him, you should know that the 19-year old is currently one of the most promising drivers in the European GT4 Series competition, also competing aboard a BMW M235i Racing in various other competitions.


The Bridge to Gantry lap time set by Jamie was 7:50 which may seem disappointing at first. However, he did mention that the car was absolutely stock and that he was holding back while driving. And while for some, the 370 HP or the M2 may seem to be not enough for the Nurburgring, it is the balance of the car that makes it so enjoyable around a track, not its straight line performance.

Furthermore, the 7:50 BTG time is dangerously close to yet another BMW, but with considerably more power. The F13 M6 is quoted to do the same part of the Nurburgring in 7:44 which might just be achievable with the M2, if pushed a little harder and with some different tires on. Since the M6 has 560 HP at its disposal, that speaks loud and clear about the potential the new M car has.