BMW Motorrad has partnered up with mobile technology startup Rever in order to build what the company calls, “a global community of motorcyclists.” The Rever app enables you to discover new roads, track your rides and then share that information with others through social media. BMW intends to use Rever as a platform through which it can expose its target demographic to riding experiences.

The company was founded in Colorado in 2015. In addition to the free version, Rever also offers a premium membership which includes additional features, like safety alerts.


BMW Motorrad’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Heiner Faust, expressed his sentiments on this new partnership saying, “We see the future of motorcycling as a connected experience, one that has riders using the latest technology to enhance their rides and allow others to share their passion for riding.” Faust added, “Rever is offering a very promising mobile technology in our industry and we are very excited about the future business potential we see together with Rever.”

The folks at Rever too seem quite enthusiastic about the new relationship. Rever Co-Founder Justin Bradshaw said, “Working with BMW, we will bring innovative technology to the fore and make the entire motorcycle riding experience more accessible, more rewarding and more connected.” The firm’s CEO, Mark Roebke, elaborated upon his colleagues remarks by adding, “We are really excited to be incorporating new technology to enhance riding experience and grow the enthusiasm for motorcycling around the world.”

I’ve said many times here that riding is a very social activity, and for those whom live in areas in which locating other riders has been difficult, such an application could positively impact their overall riding experience. The app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, so visit your app store and try Rever for yourself. Afterwards, be sure to leave your opinions of the app here, in our comment section.