Michael – the owner of this BMW i8 in Crystal White – has decided to slightly alter the looks of his hybrid sportscar. Even though the i8 is one of the most limited BMWs sold today, a significant number of i8 owners are resorting to aftermarket parts to improve the looks of their cars.

For example, this i8 forgoes its standard wheels in favor of a new set designed by Vossen Wheels. The 21 inch wheels are part of the VPS 310-T Forged lineup and feature the turbine style, in an effort to maintain the same looks of the stock wheels.


The wheels are sized 21″ x 9″ in front and 21″ x 10.5″ rear.

Furthermore, Michael has also worked on the body panels by painting the black front ground effects in white, which accentuates the lower front air vents both laterally and centrally. In addition, the rear was painted white and the Frozen Grey rear accents are now black.


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Finally, the brake calipers were painted the BMW electric blue.


The end-result is a clean looking BMW i8 that will stand out in the very selective crowd of i8 hybrid sportscars.