Seeing a Rolls-Royce performing a burnout like some random muscle car is indeed a rare sighting. The Goodwood-built barges are not meant for such vile exercises and yet that’s exactly what happened at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, when the Black Badge Wraith that competed on the famous hillclimb launched from the starting line.

The footage was captured by an independent camera guy who decided to upload it on Youtube, for everyone to see that you can have fun inside a Rolls-Royce, no matter how serious the people inside may seem. Of course, this particular bit was left out by the peeps over in Goodwood, both in their press release photos and the videos they published on every platform out there.


That being said, the 6.6-liter V12 under the hood of the Wraith definitely has enough punch to get the rear tires lit up. As a matter of fact, since this is a Black Badge model, the mill was upgraded to make 870 Nm (642 lb-ft) instead of the standard 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) while the HP reading remained the same at 632 HP. That’s enough to get the rear end skidding even in motion, as you’re about to see in the video below.

As for the Black Badge title we’ve been mentioning here, it’s a new range of upgraded Rolls-Royce models that sees the Ghost and Wraith being dressed up in black details. The wheels of such bespoke creations are black as is the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine on the front of the bonnet. Matching silver-on-black Double R badges are also added on the front fascia. A lot of chrome elements found front grille surround, boot lid finisher, and exhaust pipes have all been darkened for a complete ‘Black Badge’ look.