The guys from the BMW dealership in Abu Dhabi got us used to seeing all sorts of custom cars being delivered to their loyal customers. However, rarely have we seen a Rolls-Royce model being showcased on their premises, despite the fact that you’d assume there are plenty of Goodwood-built models driving around in the rich capital of the United Arab Emirates.

That’s the land of oil tycoons, where petrol is cheaper than water and by quite a lot. A lot of people living there can afford such a bespoke model so we did expect to see a lot more Rolls-Royce cars being delivered in Abu Dhabi. The thing is, not a lot of people may agree to having their cars photographed and showcased for the whole internet to see.


As for this Rolls-Royce Dawn, the new drop top model from the Spirit of Ecstasy brand is indeed aiming at a younger, less conservative demographic. Being based on the same platform as the Wraith and the Ghost, the Dawn does have something about it that appeals to the younger, ultra-rich customers out there. The choice of materials and exterior finish of this particular model may be yet another hint at the age of its owner.

On the outside we’re dealing with a classy and elegant deep blue shade adorned with a bright orange coach line that was, as all others, drawn by hand. The interior is drastically different, creating an interesting contrast with its orange color. Cherry wood seems to be decorating most of the cabin and all in all, this bespoke Rolls does seem to work somehow, even though to some it may seem madness. We like it and we applaud its owner for his/her choice.

Under that long hood also hides a more than capable 6.6-liter V12 making 563 HP and 780 Nm (575 lb-ft) of torque, plenty for this land yacht to deliver adrenaline shots at a continuous firing rate. This may very well be the perfect daily driver for a young prince or sultan.