BMW outsold Mercedes-Benz and Lexus last month in the U.S. despite a significant decline in sales compared to same month last year. Deliveries for BMW in June slid 10 percent to 28,855, enough to pull ahead of the 28,473 sales Mercedes – a 1.5 percent gain from a year earlier. Lexus reported a 1.3 percent decline to 25,779.

This is the first time in 2016 when BMW outsold its two rivals after finishing first in 2014 and 2015. BMW finished the first half of the year with sales down 9 percent to 153,436. Mercedes leads the pack with 9,000 more units sold.

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The X3 continues to be one of BMW’s biggest sellers up 69 percent last month. Mercedes reported gains of 48 percent for GLK and GLC sport utility vehicles and 28 percent for the GLE and M-Class SUVs, along with a 5.8 percent increase for the revamped E-Class cars. The German brand closed out the first half with a 1.3 percent decline from a year earlier.

The SUV segment is doing well for Lexus as well, the trucks sold by the Japanese automaker have done well in June – an 11 percent increase. Deliveries for Lexus for the first six months fell 4.6 percent.