The BMW E60 M5 will likely forever be considered the best sounding M5 ever made. Even though the E39 M5 comes close with its 4.9-liter V8, it’s the E60 that takes things up another notch due to its high-revving 5-liter V10 that also happened to use F1 technology. That being said, it may very well be a choice between the sound of a V8 and the sound a V10 makes.

What’s blatantly clear is that while the E39 has a deeper, meaner growl, the E60 M5 is the screamer of the range. That engine, even with the stock exhaust, used to raise hell whenever was pushed hard. However, custom exhausts deliver an engine note that many wouldn’t expect.


So what will happen when a stroker is added to the mix? Well, you’re about to see in the video below, as the car shown was fitted with a Dinan stroker. Unfortunately, the car’s owner didn’t specify which one as Dinan has two of them on offer. The more modest one takes the engine from 5 liters to 5.2 and increase the power output by almost 20 horsepower, a small but noticeable increase on a naturally aspirated mill.

The big boy kit takes things up to 5.8 liters in total, while power output also grows significantly, reaching 611 HP and 468 lb-ft (635 Nm) of torque. Judging by the way the car was pulling in the drag race portrayed below, we’d be willing to bet a month’s wager on this second kit hiding under the hood.

And that’s probably the most you could squeeze out of the S85 engine without having to get forced induction into the mix. That being said, it also seems like the car is using an aftermarket exhaust, taking the decibel count well into the upper echelons of 100 db.