We’ve been hearing rumors about a sports car built in joint by BMW and Toyota for many years now. The idea is that BMW will work together with Toyota to create a sports car platform that will underpin a car for each brand, likely to be the Z5 and Supra, respectively. However, despite many rumors and renders and concepts, there’s been no official word on whether or not the two brand’s are indeed working together on such a project.

It turns out, though, that Toyota recently applied for a trademark for the ‘Supra’ name in Europe, hinting at the fact that the famous moniker will make a return. We recently saw something similar from BMW, with the 8 Series and M8 nameplates. So naturally, the BMW/Toyota sports car rumors are going to swirl back up again.


It’s been pretty universally understood that the joint venture between both BMW and Toyota would produce the next-generation Supra for the Japanese brand. So with Toyota applying for the Supra trademark, it could be because the two brands have finally decided to move forward with the project. On BMW’s side, the joint sports car was always rumored to be the Z5 Roadster, but we’ve seen that spotted while testing quite a bit already. So maybe the BMW/Toyota sports car could end up being something else for the Bavarians or maybe Toyota has just been slow to develop its own car.

We don’t know anything for sure, all we know is that Toyota applied for the Supra trademark, that it is likely to make a comeback and that BMW has been linked to the upcoming Supra. Whether or not this eventually materializes into something for the Bavarian brand is unknown but this will heat up the rumor mill once again.

[Source: Motor Trend]