BMW is one of the leaders in the industry for electric automotive technology. Some may claim that Tesla is wiping the floor with the Bavarians, but the fact remains that among traditional automakers, no one is a bigger proponent of the electric vehicle than BMW. And that fact is reinforced with numbers, as 10 percent of all BMW brand sales are electric vehicles, with 15 percent of all BMW passenger cars being EVs. And if you consider the entire BMW Group, that number is 2.5 percent, which is impressive given the breadth of the BMW Group’s reach.

While there are many who mock the BMW i3’s lack of range or the lack of need for the BMW X5 xDrive40e, the fact remains that no other traditional auto manufacturer is pushing the electric vehicle forward like BMW (although, Audi and GM might soon be catching up).


And say what you want about the BMW i3 not having the same range as anything from Tesla, but BMW is certainly working on it. With the recent introduction of a higher-density battery for the i3, which adds 33 miles of range without the battery growing an inch in size, it shows that BMW is continuously working on its product.

Here is a chart from CleanTechnica breaking down the percentages of EV and hybrid sales from April of 2016 for BMW.

BMW Global Sales% of Group Sales% of BMW Brand SalesBMW North America Sales% of Group Sales% of BMW Brand Sales% of BMW Passenger Car Sales
BMW X5 xDrive 40e1,1960.7%0.8%6702.3%2.7%3.8%
BMW i31,8541.0%1.2%8813.0%3.5%5.0%
BMW i2,1811.2%1.4%10213.4%4.1%5.7%
Plug-In Vehicles4,5042.5%3.0%2,5978.7%10.4%14.6%
BMW Passenger Cars17,786
BMW Brand150,54224,951
All BMW Group179,28529,747