The guys from Manhart Racing are responsible for what is arguably the most hardcore F56 MINI JCW model you can buy today. With 300 PS at its disposal and a couple of other well-chosen upgrades included in the mix, their F300 model is not only an eye catcher but also an extremely fun car to take for a drive on twisty roads.

Famous Youtuber, Shmee150 had the pleasure of reviewing their hardcore MINI not long ago. Admittedly, Shmee didn’t go through all the steps we’re used to when someone test drives a car, but that’s what makes this video a bit different. The Youtuber has plenty of experience with a lot of high-end and powerful cars.


Last year he was driving around in a McLaren 650S while this year he seems to be enjoying time spent at the wheel of a Ferrari FF, both of those cars being easily included in the supercar category. Therefore, like it or not, the man has some experience behind the wheel and probably can offer an honest opinion about the car. Seeing how easily it puts a smile on his face, we can tell this is a fun little car.

The rest of the video is quite interesting as well. The first half has him visiting one of his buddies over at JP Performance in Germany and you get to see a couple of cool projects over there, including some GTI VWs as well as a couple of BMWs. On top of that, at the Manhart headquarters, he checks out some unique E46 M3s, one featuring the S62 engine and one with the S85 5-liter V10.