We always get to see the projects of car enthusiasts. We never really get to hear from the creators. The thoughts they had stirring that created such impacts to the car world. Take a good example, Marco Svizzero. The man behind The Clone. If you aren’t familiar with The Clone, it’s a BMW 1 Series built to house a S65 motor from a BMW E9X M3. Sitting down with the humble heart, Marco’s first words to my questions was, “I did not impact the car world. I just impacted my world.” That may be, but it opened the eyes to many. Marco is very flattered that his project has gotten a lot of notice. He spent many hours with others who helped to get The Clone rolling.


It all started back in 2008 when Marco was asked to film the 2008 Gumball for Vimby, which started in his home area San Francisco, California. The Gumball rally took Marco’s focus of trucks and replanted it in cars. It was the BMW e46 M3 and 2004 Subaru WRX STi that stole him away. Those two cars were the inspiration to his Clone. A BMW 135 that many said was a reflection of the e46 M3 and the turbo motor where he could tune like the Subaru WRX STi. It was a very good middle point for him, being he wasn’t in Lotto status.


Marco’s dream quickly became a reality. A collaboration was formed with Revozport, Targa Trophy, and Stoptech. The list quickly grew. Performance Technic out of Dublin California, BPM Sport, Toyo Tires, Recaro, Wolf Vinyl, Auto Talent, iD Agency, Jon@BMWpartspros, and Phil@ReevesBMW were also supporters. Marco said the project actually never had any big headaches. Greatest time he’s had in the car industry. He said the only downside would be the money spent. Isn’t that the case with most things though?


As for his next project, its hit a stop sign for now. He’s kicking the idea around of going wide body with The Clone or possibly a retro movement with a twist of modern. He always goes back to the drawing board that he came from; “Identify your goals early and have a plan. Obviously your plan will evolve as you build it, but having a general goal or vision will allow you to stage out the build which will make it much easier to get done financially, mentally and practically.” The Clone started with BMW e46 M3 and Subaru WRX STi in mind and it later evolved to E92 M3 GTS, Porsche 997 GT3, and BMW 1M Safety Car. As the project grows, more ideas bring it to the next level. It may take a few extra steps. When all said and done you get achievements like The Clone.

Is it worth it? Yes it is. Thank you Marco pushing the envelope open.