Okay, so this may fall under the category of awful parenting and in no way should ever be condoned, but damn it’s entertaining. Let me preface this by saying that we are in no way, shape or form saying that this is acceptable behavior, as it’s incredibly unsafe and involves the well-being of a child. So this should not be done, under any circumstances. However, it’s pretty funny to watch. This father won’t win Parent of the Year, but he’ll probably get a lot of hits on YouTube, which is likely exactly what he wanted.

Anyway, the video is pretty straight forward, with a father placing his supposedly three year old son in the driver’s seat of a beat-up E34 BMW 5 Series and let’s him do donuts. We’re not really sure how he was able to reach the pedals or how he learned how to do this, but the wheel is basically cranked all the way to the left and he’s pretty much just stomping the go-pedal. However, it’s remarkable how this three year old is able to do smooth, controlled donuts.

Thankfully, the kid didn’t accidentally straighten the wheel out and kill his father or drive into one of the trees in the background. But he did successfully hold some sweet donuts and even bring the car in to a stop. While this is one of the dumber things someone can do with their BMW, it’s enjoyable for us to watch. Hopefully, none of you will try anything this idiotic with your child, but if you want to try doing donuts in an empty parking lot on your own and you’re old enough to drive, then be our guest. In fact, maybe some legal drivers should try and be better then this child, because he probably showed up a bunch of genuine gearheads.