Over the last few months, rumors around a future BMW M2 GTS were often seen on the interwebs, even though BMW has never acknowledged a sportier version of the M2. Speaking to BMW officials at a recent event, the guys from CarThrottle found out some saddening news which we still advise to take with a big grain of salt.

Representatives from BMW UK told the publication that “while the GTS derivative of the M4 has proved very popular currently there are no plans to develop a GTS version of the M2.” Despite the disappointing news, it’s also worth mentioning that BMW rarely confirms in advance any future products, especially at the time when their bread-and-butter M2 is just launching on the market.

“The M2 is an affordable starting point for full M car ownership and any GTS option would be considerably more,” BMW said. The M4 GTS is nearly twice as expensive as the regular M4, yet the entire 700 units allocation has been sold out. A BMW M2 GTS or M2 CSL would likely push the base price at least $80-$90K, but even at that price point, the limited run of a track-oriented M2 would sell out in seconds. BMW is also known to take small steps and weigh their options well, and considering the M2 is just now arriving, the likelihood of an M2 GTS is not that farfetched. The M folks are also known to bringing limited edition models towards the end of production, so there is still time and home that the M engineers will build a case to overcome any potential corporate hurdles.