BMW Motorrad has begun the riding season of 2016 with great success. The Bavarian motorcycle brand has achieved an increase in sales of 7.7% during the first three months of 2016, a 2,418 unit increase when compared with last year’s performance. In fact, BMW Motorrad’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Heiner Faust, said that it is the company’s “best first quarterly sales of all time.”

Faust, too, said that the brand is expecting the rest of the year to be strong. When broken down by country, we see some significant growth in certain markets. Particularly in Spain, where growth was staggering, at nearly 40%. Yet, the most significant growth was observed in China, with a 74.4% increase when compared to the first quarter of last year.


The premium motorcycle consumer’s preference for larger displacement motorcycles was also re-confirmed by BMW Motorrad’s performance in the first quarter of the new year. By far, the brand’s best seller was the R 1200 GS, with over 11,000 examples finding new homes. Coming in second was the S 1000 RR, with a comparatively small 2,385 units being moved. Another model which is seemingly popular among consumers is the S 1000 XR sport-adventure bike, with over 2,000 units being sold. Faust also said that sales of F-series bikes, like the F 800 GS and F 700 GS, as well as C 650 maxi-scooters, are meeting their pre-established goals.

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