If you’re an ALPINA owner, you’ve probably heard about ALPINA Drive Day. The annual event is organized by the German manufacturerfor its customers, offering them the chance to improve their driving skills. Last year, the driving day took place in Austria, on the Salzburgring, but this year it’s moving on June 10th  to the Bilster Berg Drive Resort, in Germany.

If you’re one of the lucky people who can afford it and has some free time to spare in June, the Drive Day is a must. This year, the Buchloe-based company joined forces with the  former  chief  editor  from  the  German  “Sport  Auto” magazine and “Mister Supertest” Horst von Saurma who will be the chief instructor and will guide you through the perfect racing line on the track, along with other certified instructors.


The participation fee is 1,250 Euros for the driver, plus accommodation expenses and dinner. For each co-driver, the fee is just 75 Euros. Accommodation will be offered at the nearby Gräflichen Park Grand Resort and costs 239 Euros per night for a double room or 194 Euros a night for a single room. You can also check in at the Germanenhof if you’d like, where prices are considerably smaller, at 103 Euros for a double room and 73 Euros for a single room.

As for the track itself, it’s 4.2-km long (2.6 miles) and has 19 corners in total, 9 right handers and 10 left handers, with a width of 10 to 12 meters. If you’re interested, you should apply before May 13, 2016, and you may want to hurry up as the number of participants is limited.