We talk about Rolls Royce a lot here, as BMW owns the famous British luxury car maker, and we’re obviously big fans of the work that the folks in Goodwood do. But most of us can’t afford to actually own a Rolls, as they cost as much as the average home in the US. In fact, the cheapest Rolls you can buy, the Ghost, is almost double the cost of my home. So, considering that most people can’t even come close to affording such an opulent machine, we’re going to take a look into the life of some of the people that can.

In the latest video from Carfection, we take a look at the experience of buying a Rolls Royce the way its customers can. Typically, Rolls customers don’t go into a dealership located on their nearest highway. They usually go for something a bit more exclusive and luxurious, which is why Rolls Royce is creating these new studios where customers can mingle, lounge, drink and relax while they look at their next new toy. These studios are more luxury lounge than dealership, as there aren’t salesmen bothering customers or service shops in the back. No, only luxurious looking couches, the finest champagne and gorgeous Rolls Royces adorning the place. It seems like a wonderful place to be.


These studios will be strategically placed by Rolls in some of the more lavish places in the world, with the one in the video being in the port of Cagliari, which is located in Sardinia, Italy. The beautiful Sardinian mountains surround the area and the gorgeous scenery is expansive. The perfect place, then, for Rolls to open up one of its fine studios. The idea is that the rich and famous who can afford to live a lavish lifestyle would rather buy a car here, while on vacation on one of their mega yachts, than in the city that the live in. This is a more luxurious car buying experience and that’s what Rolls Royce is all about.

It’s also a way for Rolls to differentiate itself from its luxury competition. Customers who can afford a Rolls Royce can basically afford any sort of car they could possibly desire, so what makes them buy a Rolls Royce? Studio experiences like this one could certainly sway customers to buy a RR over a Bentley or Mercedes-Maybach because they’re offered a better experience in doing so.


While quite literally 99 percent of us can’t afford a lifestyle that lavish, almost all 99 percent of us would be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little bit jealous. That seems like one helluva way to buy a car, as opposed to haggling with a salesperson for an hour and sitting in a crappy cubicle while said salesperson “talks to the manager” about the price. This Rolls Royce Studio seems nice, relaxed, luxurious and enjoyable, even. When was the last time you enjoyed buying a car, ya know, actually had a good time? Probably never. We just spoke about how customers are willing to buy cars online, sight unseen, just to avoid such annoying dealer experiences. Rolls Royce offers a good time when you buy one of its cars. And it’s a good time that I think we can all say we would want to have.