James Corden, the host of the Late Late Show, is joined by Jennifer Lopez in his Carpool Karaoke show where he gets to hangout with celebrities and sing his heart out. The entire show is filmed inside a car, yet it’s never about cars. Until now when Corden and Lopez come across a heavily modded BMW M4 in the flashy Yas Marina Blue color.

The duo picks on the two guys driving the car and makes fun of the over-the-top look of the widebody M4. The car was modded by Liberty Walk and features oversized fenders, an aggressive rear wing and equally flashy wide and black wheels.

“Jennifer says she’d talk to you, but it’s a terrible car. A terrible car,” Corden can be heard saying while in the background Lopez is actually kind to the M4 driver replying “I love you too.”

The iteration that follows is quite funny, especially listening to Corden’s description of the modded M4. Fast forward to 3:54.