Today is BMW’s birthday and it’s turning 100 years old. Not quite sure how big of a cake we need to fit 100 candles, but I’m assuming it’s quite a big one. However, despite the brand’s age, it still looks pretty good, as it wears its age with grace. Its like the Christie Brinkley of car brands, as its still fresh and vibrant, despite getting older.

In BMW’s 100 years, it’s managed to leave an irremovable mark on the automotive world. BMW has been making fantastic automobiles for literally a century and the entire industry is better because BMW has been in it. The Bavarians have given us cars like the BMW 2002, M1, E28 M5, E30 M3, E46 M31 Series M and now the M2. It seems as if there isn’t a decade that goes by without a BMW that reshapes it. There have been countless innovative cars to come from Bavaria that helped define segments in the automotive landscape. For instance, the BMW’s 3, 5 and 7 Series have created the mold for which automakers shape their lineups around. Those cars created segments, segments that have been used by every other automaker since.


It’s also a brand that has always had a clear focus and never strayed from that — to make the best driving cars in the world. There have been many beautiful BMWs, but beauty was never BMW’s intention. There have been many famous BMWs, but again, fame was never its intention. BMW’s only intention has always been to develop cars that drive better than everything else, that provide their owners with the sort of driving experience that can be enjoyed at any speed on any road across the globe. BMW’s intention has been to create the Ultimate Driving Machine.

There are few brands that have touched the lives of their customers as much as BMW has, if any at all. There’s just something about BMW’s cars that just grab a hold of our heartstrings and don’t let them go. We become attached to them, for better or worse.

BMW VISION NEXT 100-images-28

But BMW isn’t done yet, it isn’t going to take it easy now that it’s reached 100. BMW doesn’t feel as if it’s ‘made it’ yet, it’s gonna keep going and pushing forward. BMW is looking to continue to shape the automotive world and provide cars that drive better than all others while using groundbreaking technology. Whether that new technology be hybrid tech, electric vehicles or autonomous driving, BMW is going to make sure that the cars it creates embody the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ spirit that’s made BMW so great these past 100 years.

So Happy Birthday, BMW. We’ve enjoyed these past 100 years with you and we can’t wait for another 100 more.