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BMW M2 California Photos 60 750x500

This month belongs to the new BMW M2. The highly-awaited sports coupe made its world entrance last month at the Detroit Auto Show, followed just …

This month belongs to the new BMW M2. The highly-awaited sports coupe made its world entrance last month at the Detroit Auto Show, followed just a few weeks later by the first press drives hosted at the Laguna Seca race track in Monterey. Last week we were on site to sample the M2 and first impressions have been nothing short of spectacular. There is likely no other car in BMW’s current portfolio that gets so much love and words, and based on the response of the BMW community, the M2 will build a cult in the upcoming years.

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Though the M2 isn’t the hardcore as its BMW 1 Series M predecessor was, the M2 feels overall as a more refined sportscar. It grips better, is faster and is more controllable than the 1M which will cater to a wide range of customers. Many readers have already reached out with questions regarding the M2 versus the M4, and which one makes more sense to purchase. And the answer is far from a simple one.

BMW M2 California Photos 65 750x500

But what we can say is that the M2 is not a replacement for the M4 nor a poor man’s M car. The M2 was born to fill a gap in the M lineup and to offer customers a great, sporty compact car. The decision won’t be whether you can afford the M2 or the M4, the decision will be based on what type of driver you are and the type of fun you’d like to have. The M4 has that more raw power, while the M2 has the best balance between proportions and power. On a technical track, the M2 will be the fun car to drive, while on a faster track, the M4 will take you closer to the top speed.

When it comes to the M235i and M2, the decision is solely based on your budget. If you have the money, the M2 is a no-brainer. But if those deep pockets are not so deep this year, then the M235i Coupe is certainly an entertaining compact coupe with very few competitors on the market.


Design wise, the M2 is a monster. While the car doesn’t photograph too well – even though the photo gallery embedded here might contradict that statement – when seen from up-close, the M2 has fantastic proportions and a muscular appearance that only the 1M can match. Once you see the car approaching on the incoming lane, it’s wide body immediately stands out while its front fascia looks ready to bite off that asphalt.


As first customers are preparing to take over their beloved M2s, more and more photos will surface on the interwebs and the hype around the M2 is bound to grow higher and higher.

Without any further ado, here is the latest and greatest BMW M2 photo gallery.


9 responses to “Download the latest and greatest BMW M2 photo gallery”

  1. Marcin says:

    Why this photos ar so small. They would be perfect to be desktop wallpapers but in such low res…

  2. Fred Smith says:

    Yes the wait is bloody killing me. I look at the calendar and cross of each day heading towards April.

  3. John says:

    Car looks like a brick.

  4. Mario Alberto Guerrero Mendoza says:

    Disappointed with the brand and local service in Panama

    Vehicule Identification Number: WBADW31102BE631125

    Model: 325i CABRIO

    My car is in the workshop of attention Panama BMW once month ago (Bavarian Motors), I share the details:

    1. Buy the car in 2011 in the BMW dealership Panama

    2. The car I use very little because I travel a lot abroad

    3. I had to take the car to the repair shop often since.

    4. The fault signals in the direction shown since then which has registered BMW Agency

    5. A month ago I had to take the car to the workshop that showed an error in the steering.

    6. After a month gave me the car and pay $ $ 2,500.00 for repairs

    7. Two days after the car showed other failures in the direction that had never submitted

    8. The las Saturday I left the car back to the workshop BMW

    9. Instead of correcting the faults, give me a new quote to fix the flaws and charge me the diagnosis, which leaves already on the computer

    I really think that if your brand is represented by people who have no consideration for the service, is disrespectful to customers.

    I have Automobiles Mercedes, Audi, VW, Lincoln, Toyota in different types and none of them has so many flaws and none of them has cost me so much money repairing such as the BMW brand.

    I hope that you can do something to help, this situation is truly frustrating.

    Thank you and sorry for share this information by this way

    Mario Guerrero

    Mobile: +507 6981-4065

  5. Προπέλας says:

    Come on guys… Those pics are only 1024×680… We need 1900×1200 ones!

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