BMW M2 is the talk of the town this week. After countless of press reviews from Laguna Seca, more videos of the sporty coupe surface on the interwebs. These latest video gallery takes us to Laguna Seca where the M2 was doing some hot laps. Next, the new “baby-M” heads to the beautiful Big Sur for some street driving and some deep exhaust notes.

Our review of the BMW M2 can be found here, while the BMW M2 section has a lot of interesting information and media content.


BMW won’t disclose how many orders have been taken already, but it’s the majority of the volume the brand is prepared to create. In some markets, the first year production of the M2 is allegedly sold out.

For just a touch over $50,000, the BMW M2 comes with a 365 hp TwinScroll-turbocharged I6 engine, either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DCT, heated seats, leather sport buckets and tons of performance and handling. This means that the, basically fully loaded as-standard, BMW M2 is only a bit more than a decently equipped BMW M235i. Tell most BMW fans that and they’ll be scrambling for their order sheets