Carbonfiber Dynamics Company located far outside of Dortmund specializes on sales and distribution of different top carbon fiber brands all over Europe. Their expertise on weight reduction and lightweight construction was put to work in a new project based on the BMW M4 Coupe.

The in-house BMW M4R comes with a Varis Carbon front lip with perfect fitting accuracy in order to increase the surface pressure on the front axle. The bonnet has also been redesigned with a carbon fiber VSDC light construction.


The Varis Carbon side sills are the optical junction between front lip and diffuser. The adjustable carbon fiber rear wing “made in Germany” by Alpha-N helps with aerodynamics and downforce.

Next on the project list was the suspension modifications. Carbonfiber Dynamics installed a Burger Motorsport JB4 with fine adjustment and CANBUS command.


The engine also gets eight different maps (performance from everyday use until racing, low torque, meth), meth command (when meth empty, then less of manifold pressure) incl. Delete R (down pipe) and AGA valve command. The enlarged air inlet, also coming from Burger Motorsport, is fitted with mushroom shaped filters. Burger also supplied aluminum charge pipes with meth adapter and the meth-kit with 9 liters tank and 50/50 mix (commanded via JB4).

The TurboEngineers have made the turbo charger upgrade: The M4-charger TTE6xx has a bigger CNC milled compressor, a bigger turbine with turbine grinding, gap optimized compressor side, CNC milled compressor and turbine casing and CNC ported intake manifold.


Akrapovic also contributed to the project with their Evolution exhaust system which adds 17.2 kW at 5,800 rpm or 28.7 Nm at 4,950 rpm, respectively. The Lightweight exhaust system “made in Germany” with titanium made axle back exhaust (40 % of weight reduction compared with stainless steel) and the valve command for adaption to serial connector and four 8 mm stainless steel made mat end pipes govern 6.5 of more-HP or 4.5of more Nm in comparison to M4R.


Currently the M4 is running at almost 600 horsepower although the previous test runs were done at only 1.8 bar boost pressure. By increasing the boost to 2.3 bar and optimizing software plus petrol in combination with the usage of full methanol the targeted goal of 700 hp seems quite realistic.