ClipperCreek just announced an upgrade in power and cable length for the popular LCS-20 series of electric vehicle charging stations. The LCS-20 now features 16 Amp charging and a 25 foot cable for $379 for the hardwired model and $395 for all four plug-in models. The new station charges four times faster than conventional 110V and delivers 3.8kW. It is rugged with a fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure for durability indoors or outdoors.

ClipperCreek offer a hardwired version and four plug-in models (NEMA L6-30, 14-30, 6-50, or 14-50).

clippercreek LCS 20 1 535x750

In addition, the company announced a new accessory, the Cable Cradle.

“The Cable Cradle mounts on the wall near the charging station or the connector holster to easily store the cable off the ground and off the wall. It’s simple to install, very durable, and capable of securely cradling our heaviest 25 foot long cables. This optional accessory works with any charging station, and is offered at just $19,” said ClipperCreek Director of Sales, Will Barrett.

ClipperCreek Cable Cradle 750x664

The LCS-20 and Cable Cradle are available for purchase immediately at or by calling the ClipperCreek customer service center 877-694-4194.