Niches, niches, niches. BMW loves niches. Admittedly, it’s more BMW’s customers that love strange niche vehicles like the 5 Series Gran Turismo, X6, X4 and the upcoming X2. Because BMW’s fans are so in love with niches, BMW keeps making them and this upcoming X2 is just the next in a line of future niches, I’m assuming. Spy shots have recently popped up of a test mule X2 running around in snowy Sweden.

Built on the same UKL platform as the X1, the upcoming BMW X2 will be front-wheel drive-based, but will likely only be available in all-wheel drive form in the US. This isn’t so much of a problem, as BMW’s UKL platform is actually quite fun to drive, but this will mark the first sporty BMW to use the front-drive architecture. However, despite the fact that this will be a sportier SUV, something to fit between the X1 and X3 which are more traditional SUV or crossovers, the X2 doesn’t have the same sporting looks as the X4 or X6.

While the X4 has a very obvious coupe-like body style with a sweeping roofline and aggressive rear haunches, the X2 seems to look a bit more like a lifted wagon than it is a sporty SUV. This isn’t a bad thing, of course, as most of us enjoy fast wagons, but it’s interesting how it isn’t in keeping with the design of the X4.

Across the world, the BMW X2 should have a wide variety of engines, ranging from tiny diesels to bigger petrol engines, but the B48 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder should be the only engine available in the US. This paired with the Aisin eight-speed automatic will actually allow the X2 to be a fun little crossover, excuse me, Sports Activity Vehicle.