BMWBLOG partnered up with CKCMNS to bring you an exclusive photo gallery of the BMW M2 displayed at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. The high-resolution images are available below and they showcase the beauty of BMW’s first M2 Coupe.

BMW fans have been waiting with bated breathe for the release of the BMW M2 ever since we got word that it was coming. It’s been the most hotly anticipated car from the Bavarian brand since…well, I can’t think of another BMW that was so incredibly anticipated.


The M2 could be the best looking BMW on the market today. It looks positively aggressive and like it can take anything down on the race track. Being based on the 2 Series, the M2 has a beautiful profile an gorgeous lines. But, being a proper M car, it also has aggressive flared wheel arches and a mean stance. It’s wide, low and angry looking.


The M2 isn’t about creature comforts or interior luxuries, it’s about driving and driving fast. And at $51,700 is priced between the M235i and the M4, and comes standard with a lot of features.


But how does it drive? We’ll find out soon enough, for now, enjoy these great photos.