Alongside BMW at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show is Mercedes-Benz, debuting its latest iteration of the famous E Class. Ahh, Germany’s favorite taxi, many will say to poke fun. However, taxi or not, the new E Class looks like it could be a dynamite luxury car. Despite the E Class debuting today in Detroit, we’ve actually already seen what it looks like and it looks very good.


Mercedes-Benz has been copying the S Class with all of its new cars lately and the E Class is no different. With quiet and reserved exterior styling, the E Class is a handsome, if understated, luxury car. It has just enough flash to make it look premium, but is reserved enough to make it worthy of the three-pointed star. However, the real news is on the inside. With what could be the best cabin on the market, the E Class stuns. Its cabin is incredibly luxurious and packed with class-leading technology. It looks like it could be the best in its class.

The new E Class is powered by Mercedes-Benz’s new suite of engines, including a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged V6, and will send power to either all of just the rear wheels through a nine-speed ZF-sourced automatic transmission.


BMW is readying its upcoming 5 Series replacement and this new E Class looks like it could pose a serious threat. BMW is going to have to offer some fantastic cabin technology as well as excellent driving dynamics to beat the new E Class.