The new G30 BMW 5 Series will bring two plug-in hybrid models to continue the electrification plan put in place by the Bavarians. The two models rumored to launch at the 530e and 540e – both using a variant of the technology used in the 330e.

BMW 530e will feature a four-cylinder engine plus an electric motor to offer a power of around 280 hp. In pure electric mode, you can travel up to 35 km with a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

According to sources, the BMW 540e will be equipped with a gasoline engine four-cylinder TwinPower turbo producing 258 hp and 400 Nm of torque featuring a VALVETRONIC valve control, control double overhead camshaft VANOS and “High Precision Injection” direct injection, together with an electric motor of 95 hp for a total power of 326 hp.

The electric motor generates a torque of 250 Nm and it’s water cooled. The battery is located under the rear seats and while driving, the electric motor can be recharged by the alternator function, transforming the kinetic energy into electrical energ during moments of inertia or during braking.

A 9-speed automatic transmission with a “Proactive Drive Assistant” will be able to shift ahead of time to overtake if the network of sensors and cameras detect a car ahead with a speed much lower than yours.

The BMW 540e can travel up 30 km in purely electric mode with a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

Both models are likely to be offered with a rear wheel-drive and xDrive, and also offer induction charging.

BMW will release the two hybrids in 2017.