Mulholland Road is a fun drive, but at the same time, extremely dangerous. The curvy road around Los Angeles is often visited by enthusiasts who love to push their cars a bit too close to their limits – as highlighted by the video below. The driver of this black BMW E92 3 Series lost control of his sports coupe, hit the hillside of the road before flipping over. Luckily, the young driver walked away unharmed.

Judging by the footage below – which was filmed by bystanders – point to a failed attempt of drifting in a corner. The 3 Series Coupe comes hot out of the tight curve, the driver seems to hit the brakes and over correct the trajectory which led him to the unfortunately crash.

The car is likely to be completely totaled and hopefully this serves as a lesson for the many inexperienced drivers out there who are unable to control the ever increasing power of their cars.