Bulletproof Automotive announced their 15 year anniversary project – the Bulletproof Automotive BMW Z4 GT Continuum – at the Toyo stand at 2015 SEMA.

The project BMW Z4 GT Continuum overlooks glorious motorsport times when race cars and Formula series were still an open cockpit. The end result is a German vehicle, tuned in a Japanese aesthetic, with a past meets future blend of design.

Bulletproof removed the windshield and metal folding roof of the BMW Z4 E89 giving the car a completely new look and with extremely flat silhouette.


As with previous racing cars, behind the occupants lie two large scoops of the body while a huge rear wing and a rear apron with diffuser crowns give the car a full racing look.


Solid widened wheel arches, a new front apron with large carbon splitter and the tiny windscreen complement the radical reconstruction.