BMW’s Chief Designer, Karim Habib went on camera for us to explain the design of the new BMW 7 Series.

The amount of technology, luxury and finesse featured on the 7 Series’ cabin is simply astonishing. Customers who buy the new 7 Series may never actually drive it, but sit in the rear seats in their driveway.

“The level of finesse and quality quality that we have now in the 7 Series interior, you will find that in the new BMWs coming out on the streets,” Habib says.


“The sporty driver-oriented interior will always be part of BMW’s character, identity, but we know found ways where we can combine that sportiness with that level of quality and finesse and refinement that is expected today of a car luxury manufacturer like BMW.”

Let’s listen to Karim explain the features of the most luxurious BMW has ever built.