There are many fans of cars who are equally as passionate about watches. I just makes sense, as both cars and watches are ingenious pieces of mechanical engineering. Though, I find that there are two types of watch fans, when it comes to cars and watches.There is the type that appreciates the connection between some watches and Motorsport, like the original Heuer Monaco or Rolex Daytona. But then there are some people who try and force the subject and buy a watch that’s so overdone in automotive gimmicks that it becomes ridiculous. So where is the line drawn?

Blancpain L-Evolution Super Trofeo

Take this Blancpain, for example. This particular Blancpain, the L-Evolution Super Trofeo, has been designed after the Super Trofeo Lamborghini racing car. With an array of exotic automotive materials like a carbon fiber case and carbon fiber face, as well as an alcantara in the strap, the Blancpain Super Trofeo looks a bit much. Blancpain is actually a quality watchmaker with a respected history, but this watch is far from anything you’d expect from such a reputable watch maker. Now if this kind of watch is your cup of tea, that’s fine, but to the other kind of watch person, this L-Evolution Super Trofeo is just far too gimmicky.

Breitling for Bentley Supersports Chronograph

Now, on the other side of things, you have the Breitling for Bentley Supersports Chronograph. Designed as a tribute Bentley’s Continental GT Supersports, Bentley’s fastest vehicle, this Chronograph has some actual automotive charm to it and it’s because it’s subtle. From a distance, this Supersports Chrono looks like any other Breitling chronograph. But look closer and you’ll notice the dashboard style dial in the center of the face or the knurled rotating bezel which activates a variable tachometer. The Supersports Chronograph is an attractive watch with just a few subtle hints at its automotive pedigree. This is the kind of watch for the other kind of fan. But to some, it’s a bit too boring and safe.

Personally, I tend to lean more toward the Breitling as my choice, if you haven’t already gathered that. But that again, I feel like most fans of German cars would do the same. Most German cars are subtly styled and are seldom garish. Same goes for German watches. So generally, fans of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi would want something a bit more in keeping with the reserved but handsome styling of their cars. But style is subjective, so some may find the Blancpain to be spot on and the Breitling boring, while others will find the Breitling tasteful and the Blancpain gaudy.

So what do you fine readers think? Are watches like the Blancpain too gimmicky for their own good and if so, how much is too much?