BMW and Lufthansa partner up for a unique mileage redemption program. Every member of Lufthansa’s Miles & More bonus program can now redeem miles to buy a BMW i3. And if you are a “Millage Millionaire” you may get the BMW i3 for free…

The new BMW i3 in Capparis White includes a plethora of options, such as parking assistance package, business package and Professional navigation system. The price tag is 45,740 Euro which is about 10,000 Euro above the base price. So how many miles would you need to get the BMW i3 for free? According to the ad, you would need exactly 11M miles while increments of 100,000 miles will reduce the price of the i3 by 400 Euros.


It’s unlikely that anyone would actually go for this “deal” considering that each Lufthansa miles is worth anywhere between 4 and 6 euro cents, but it’s fun to see the possibilities out there.

Want to know more about the deal, follow the link:

[Source: bmwmotorshowblog]