This build reminds me of the 1980s: A sleek car combined with some great looking wheels perfectly matched with that gorgeous Californian sundown. If the all-new BMW F80 M3 came with the a tapedeck and a track with hits from the ’80s, we would drive into the sunset and never look back.

Nostalgia aside, this shiny silver is a gorgeous exterior finish for an M3. While we mostly see Austin Yellows and Alpine Whites on the road, the Moonstone Metallic is without a doubt a head-turner. The lines of the BMW M3 are accentuated quite well by the beautiful gray color and the overall shape and size of the vehicle looks bigger and sportier. The addition of similar finished wheels, puts the final touch on this project.

BMW F80 M3 On HRE P101 Wheels 3 750x500

This BMW F80 M3 saw no power upgrades, therefore the 3.0 liter BMW TwinPower Turbo engine delivers 425 horsepower to the rear wheels. It allows for a sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 4.1 seconds. This allows for a great deal of driving dynamics and interesting road trips as well.

BMW F80 M3 On HRE P101 Wheels 8 750x500

These HRE P101 wheels come in a monoblock layout with a perfect fitment giving the car a sporty look.

The complete showcase of this build can be found in the media gallery right below.

BMW F80 M3 With HRE P101 Wheels