Millennials are a different breed. Many have no interest in cars or even driving. Yet there is something interesting happening though with the BMW i3 and Millennial generation. Everywhere we go in our BMW i3, regular folks just ask us questions about the car. Whether it’s the valet at a nice restaurant or even just outside an ice cream shop, by-passers are fascinated with the technology in the i3 and its all-electric powertrain.

Those reserve, buried in their phones youth, look up when the Solar Orange i3 catches their eye, start asking us questions and wanting to look in it not just at it.

So when it was time for my daughter to get her driving permit this week, she was chomping at the bit. Admittedly, she hears me talk about automobiles constantly. Further, it seems I am in a different one all the time and telling her about it. So come her birthday, we hit the Driver’s License bureau, where she aced her written and vision tests. Then, gulp, we were suddenly faced with teaching her to drive.

Right after we got home, she was ready to go out and learn. Enter a Solar Orange BMW i3 and suddenly it seemed like a perfect car for a first drive. Once in it, we adjusted the seat, the steering wheel and she was ready to roll down the street. I was thankful to see my daugther was rather reserved about her first experience and didn’t tear off the street.

Staying on back, neighborhood streets with speed limits 25- 35 mph, we tooled around for about an hour. We mostly avoided traffic and busy streets. To her the i3’s single pedal seemed intuitive and along with the excellent visibility out the windows was a great vehicle to introduce her to life long skills of driving.

Though our i3 can parallel park itself, we’ll just skip it for her.