BMW’s M6 Coupe is without a doubt one of the sportiest cars BMW currently offers. A great performer on the road and a monster on the track, the M6 Coupe has won the hearts of many die-hard BMW fans. Its looks are also often praised, yet it served as the test bed for many aftermarket companies to build their styling products on.

North Carolina-based DRM Motorworx gave the BMW M6 Coupe an unique “paint job” and some aftermarket goodies. The tuning shop applied a lemon-colored wrap from Avery Dennison which looks similar to the neon green color we’ve seen before.

To match the flashy yellow, a carbon fiber splitter was installed, along with blacked out kidney grilles. Another highlight of this DRM’s M6 is a customer set of 22 inch Maglia wheels from Forgiato. The oversized matte black wheels fit perfectly with the car’s stance and sporty look.

Ambulance Yellow BMW M6 1 750x500

This slightly pimped-out BMW M6 also comes with a performance upgrade tuning kit from ECU Tuning, but the horsepower output has not been revealed at the moment.

Ambulance Yellow BMW M6 6 750x500