Quad-turbo diesel engine for BMW 750d coming in 2016

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Quard-turbo diesel: BMW replaces the previous Tri-turbo diesel with a new inline six-cylinder engine with four turbochargers and even more power.

With its three turbochargers, the current BMW Tri-turbo diesel enjoys a special position in the high-end premium market, yet the engineers in Munich have already put together a worthy replacement. According to our sister magazine Bimmertoday, BMW will launch a quad-turbo straight-six diesel for the 2016 BMW 750d. The engine is dubbed B57 TOP.

Currently, we don’t know the full technical specs of the upcoming engine, therefore we can’t comment on whether BMW will offer four classic turbochargers or an electrically-driven turbo being added to the previous tri-turbo setup.

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Compared with the Tri-turbo concept, using four turbochargers should allow an even faster response, an even broader powerband and of course an increase in power and torque. Conceivable is both a configuration with four different sized turbochargers, and a solution with two small and two large loaders.

We don’t expect a huge increase in power output, at least in his first version. We believe the 2016 BMW 750d will produce around 300 kW / 408 hp and a maximum torque of 800 Newton meters (590 lb-ft).

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If BMW history is an indication, then the B57 TOP will arrive in future models as well, like the G30 M550d, X5 M5d0, X6 M50d and X7 M50d.

Just like the current Tri-turbo, the new BMW quad turbocharged diesel will always be linked to the all-wheel drive system xDrive.

8 responses to “Quad-turbo diesel engine for BMW 750d coming in 2016”

  1. Otto says:

    Soon there will be more turbos than cylinders under BMW’s bonnet.

  2. mckillio says:

    What are the possible scenarios for this? Electric turbo to two slightly larger than now turbos to a larger than now single turbo; and two small and two large turbos? What other possibilities could they have?

  3. Ninong says:

    I wonder if BMW of North America has any plans to import a 7-series with one of these new diesels? Maybe in the new 2017 G30?

    Have they said anything yet about the760?

  4. viper says:

    they should use a bigger engine for this quad turbo diesel , at least the old one from e66 7er the 3900ccm V8 , that should give ’em a lot more power at least 500hp and well above 1000Nm stock , combined with xdrive this is a killer combination for the future X7.

  5. It dual-stage design enables the engines to achieve performance figures that previously only larger eight-cylinder engines could reach. Emissions and fuel consumption, however, are impressively low.

    Innovations such as common rail direct injection and exhaust gas turbo, if you are looking for a diesel turbo for your old car then head to http://dieselgrossisten.no/.

  6. Raptor One says:

    Does anyone have any information on the weight of the B57 TOP engine?

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