When you think of expensive watches, it’s likely that you this Swiss, almost automatically (shameful watch pun). It’s no surprise, really, as the Swiss have been making some of the finest watches in the world for over a century. However, the Swiss aren’t the only ones who specialize in haute horology. Zee Germans have been making fine watches for almost as long as well, and sometimes even better ones.

I present to you the Glashutte Original Sixties Automatic.

Glashutte Original is a smallish watchmaker from, you guessed it, Glashutte, Germany. Its watches are hand made and present some of the finest quality watchmaking presently available. With beautiful finishing, simplistic decorations and typical German style, all Glashuttes are spectacular watches.

The Sixties Automatic represents one of Glashutte’s more affordable watches and also one of its simpler ones as well. With an easy to read face, with just a hint of extravagance in the hour numbers, the Sixties Automatic is a lovely watch to behold. The lugs and the domed sapphire crystal give it a style reminiscent of the fine watches made in the sixties, hence the name.

The Glashutte Sixties Automatic uses a house-made, caliber 39-52 automatic movement with a skeletonized automatic rotor with 21-carat gold oscillation weight. It comes with either a black or white face and is only available with a leather band. The Glashutte Sixties Automatic is one of the finer dress watches one can buy today, and at $7,500, it isn’t outrageously priced either. The lower cost, compared to its Swiss rivals, is attributed to the lesser known reputation of Glashutte and does not represent lower quality. All in all, the Glashutte Sixties Auto is a fine companion for any fine BMW.