Families. Everyone’s got one. Some are crazy, some are happy, some are fun. But most people who buy cars in BMW’s price range are adults with families. It’s the reason why BMW has been developing so many SUVs and cars like the 2 Series Tourers. Enthusiast may dislike this, but BMW cannot ignore its customer’s needs, no matter how many enthusiasts would rather BMW make only M3 wagons.

But since families are so important to the Bavarian brand, and backseat space for little ones is such a priority, I thought we could take a look at the best BMW backseats for kids.

5. BMW X5

bmw x5 backseat 750x374

The X5 has a tremendous amount of room for children, and even has an optional third row for two extra spawn. It’s also extremely luxurious and can be optioned with a rear seat entertainment package, giving the kids screens to melt their brains away with. But regardless of all of that, the X5 offers a roomy backseat with extremely comfortable leather chairs for the kids to get comfy in. Kids likely won’t ask “are we there yet?” in the X5, because they’d rather be sitting in those leather thrones. But being that it isn’t all that exciting, it’s last on the list.

4. BMW i3

bmw i3 amsterdam 47 750x499

The backseat of the i3 isn’t very spacious, but it can most certainly accommodate 3 small children. But what the i3 has going for it is its cool factor. The i3’s rear half suicide doors will impress kids and make them want to jump in. But once they’re in there, they’ll be greeted by one of the funkiest and more futuristic looking cabins on the market. The backseat is full of funky cloth and exposed Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic. It also has incredible legroom, storage space and a flat floor, thanks to the lack of transmission tunnel. And because it’s a hatchback, you can stick Fido in the trunk and the kids can play with him.

3. BMW M4 Convertible


Okay, so you can only fit two little mongrels in the backseat of the M4 ‘vert and they have to be quite tiny. But if you can manage to squeeze them in without breaking anything (on both the car and children) they will be in for a treat. There aren’t too many things more exciting for kids than sitting in the back seat of a convertible sports car, going fast with the wind in their hair and faces, listening to the exhaust roar. Much is said about the M4’s exhaust note being pumped through the speakers and how it doesn’t sound so great. Well it makes a lovely sound from outside of the car, and that’s exactly what those kids would be hearing. It’s hard to top the smiles in the back seat of the M4 Convertible.

2. BMW M6 Gran Coupe


Talk about feeling like you’re in a private jet. The two leather seats that adorn the back of the M6 Gran Coupe are like little luxury cockpits. Kids in the backseats of one of these have got comfortable leather, fancy buttons and the exhaust note of a 4.4 liter Twin Turbo V8 behind their heads. Then comes the take off, when Mom or Dad pins the throttle, and the kids feel that rush and get pinned back to their seat. It’s both comfortable, cool and exciting. Only very privileged kids get to sit in the back of an M6 Gran Coupe, but the lucky few that get to are in for a helluva ride.

1. BMW 7 Series


As much as kids like fast cars and going fast, what kids are really into these days is technology. Kids learn how to use iPads before they can speak. So when festooned with the level of luxury and technology that the backseat of the new G11 7 Series has, kids will be mesmerized and flabbergasted. They’ll all want to play with the million buttons and kick their feet back. They’ll want to use the removable Samsung Galaxy tablet and play with all of its functions. The backseat of a 7 Series is any modern kid’s dream. It’s comfy, luxurious and infinitely fun. It’s almost like a playroom for kids these days. Plus, it’d be impossible not to be happy while sitting in one of those heated and massaging thrones that adorn the back of a 7 Series. In fact, it may be a bad idea to put kids back there, because they may never want to get out.