Update: This might have been a publicity stunt as further photos revealed a possible staged “throwing up”

A girl wearing high heels gave a guy the ride of his life on the famous Nurburgring track. Unfortunately, the hot lap ended with the guy throwing up on the side of the track. The lady was not only wearing high heels and a skirt, but also driving the super fun and track-friendly E92 M3. At some point, she was forced to pull on the side of the track to let the guy…do his thing.

In the background you can hear the spectators “cheering”, making for an even funnier scene.

The M3 seems belongs to Big Garage, a company that offers cars for rental to track at Nurburgring.

Bottom line is that tracking is not everyone, yet getting car sick can happen to anyone, depending on the circumstance, so while we feel for the guy, we just can’t wipe that smirk off our faces.